Oot For A Wee Roam

and I met these guys…

XVII Legion

XVII Legion

The soldiers of the XVII Legion……

This is a sculpture by David Kemp consisting of foot soldiers and a centurion which you can find between Bridge of Weir and Kilmacolm on the Cycle 75 track.

I was out Friday afternoon and did a short jaunt of just over 5 ml with Ailsa my youngest so I took a chance to go further afield on Saturday morning, Roddy IOB had mentioned getting dropped off in Bridge of Weir and returning home via the cycle track. I thought this would be an ideal leg stretcher and as Katie was heading NE for the weekend, I asked her to drop me  off. I had estimated I would be home before any of the lads would be out on the hills.

Packed my wee rukkie with the usual scran and off we headed and not long until I was saying goodbye as she went on her way and I on my return trip.

I accessed the recently relaid tarmac track and headed west, this part of the cycle track was new to me so I wandered along taking in everything and surprisingly it being an early start the track was busy.

River Gryfe

River Gryfe

There are many ‘sculptures’ placed at intervals along these area of tracks which show a great use of old railway routes.

Leaving Bridge of Weir behind as I crossed over the River Gryfe, noting the man-made structures to slow down the water flow and of course to hold returning salmon. I headed out into open countryside as the track steadily rises all the way to Port Glasgow but I had pre-thought what route home I would be taking.

I walk at a good pace passing  a few ‘sculptures’ then I arrived at the lost ‘Legion XVII’ which is the most impressive I have come across. I took some photos which I found out lately I had used the wrong app DOH, another Homer moment. It’s a good excuse to walk this route again.

There is mention of a Roman Bridge pool on the Gryfe and I had a quick scan through Canmore and I could only find mention of some unidentified Roman pottery found at a motte on nearby Castle Hill although Roman forts were to be found at nearby Barochan and Vanduara/Vanduaria (Roman name for Paisley) , no remains of the rumoured larger Vanduara fort (possibly HERE ?) has been found although various Roman items have been found in the Paisley area. This Wikipedia entry on the Damnonii people help explain more HERE. Worth a read ! Also scroll down to page 167 HERE

Not long after leaving the Legion you now see Quarriers Village spread out on the south bank of the Gryfe, this was originally built as the Orphan Homes of Scotland, I’ll let Wikipedia tell you the history HERE.



Heading quickly towards Kilmacolm, I left the cycle track just south of the Knapps area and headed southwards for 400m until I met ‘Walkers Avenue’ (signposted ‘Walkers Welcome’) which heads along a tree-lined rough track towards the centre of Kilmacolm, I met more than a few folk out dog walking and as i crossed a footbridge I noticed calves in an adjacent field literally racing around chasing each other (I later came across this again as I headed towards the Green Rd), it must be spring madness. There is a proposed development in part of this area and I could see a rallying call poster for objections to be raised against this. It affects the east part of the track.

I crossed and headed past the old Kilmacolm railway station which is now the local pub using the original sandstone building, a quick walk through a housing estate and I met the track again. After the storms we suffered this winter, I had spent a couple of days cutting and removing fallen trees in this section between Kilmacolm and Netherwood Rd,there is now little sign that we had been there.

This was now familiar territory to me as I have walked here on many occasions, I decided as I reached Penny’s Arch (the local farm is Pennytersal) and left to join the back road which would take me to the south side of the Green Rd. The road steadily rises and was to add a bit of uphill work for me, I passed more calves running around a field opposite Priestside, twice in one day ? it must be something in the air.

I reached the foot of the Green Rd and this lets me know I have just under a mile and a half from home, the golf course was busy as it was the Saturday medal. The views north were pretty clear today and Ben Lomond still had a dusting of snow down to about 3,000 ft but this soon disappeared as the day went on.

Back home and just over eight miles walked, a good walk which I reckon I’ll do again…if even to take some photos again…


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  1. 2m0iob says:

    Nice one, a good walk on a nice day, can’t beat it. I’m familiar with it having taken the dogs up there on more than one occasion, but you need to watch out for cyclists without bells, they creep up on you silently and quickly. Still to do the walk to home, but will one day.
    Roddy IOB.

  2. gm7something says:

    Plenty cycle activity on this stretch…I took the detours to kill the monotony of walking some stretches.
    I originally wanted to be dropped further eastwards but that will do for some other time…plus I may judge it to stop for a refreshment at Kilmacolm.


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