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I’m ‘Bobby Mhor’, based in the West of Scotland on the banks of the River Clyde. This is a collection of my inane ramblings of my hilltop and other radio work, I try to get out on my bike each day also looking for old Ordnance Survey benchmarks and the odd geocache.

I first started hilltop operating during the old 11 meter days in the early ’80s, both on the legal and not so legal frequencies. I took and passed the old Radio Amateurs Examination but  I ‘left’ amateur radio during 1990 and returned 18 years later at the very end of 2008. I came back to a changed hobby to what I had left although the basics are still the same…..

Yer man on summit of Goat Fell

Yer man on summit of Goat Fell

Up to date stuff about me:

I’ve achieved ‘Shack Sloth’ which is awarded for 1,000 chasing points in the SOTA (Summits on the Air) programme, I’ve now passed 3,000 pts of which 100% is on VHF. I’ve got over 300 activation points, a small amount in the big picture but a milestone in my mind. I prefer heading out to local high spots to work those who put the appreciated effort in for ‘us’ to chase especially on sunny days.

Radio wise…

I’m active on HF from 160m upwards on data modes FT8, JT65, JT9 and PSK31 are my preferred but I also have the capabilities of 4m, 2m and 70cm from the home. I’m on Echolink (see the bottom of page) from home as well as on Android. I now use  APRS and for now, I use WSPR on occasion and am surprised at the results on a seemingly ‘dead’ band and only using 5 watts. I’ve also worked both ROS and OPERA which I’ll return to in the near future plus have a look at the other digital modes available on the bands.

I have achieved WAC from my home QTH using a stealth dipole cut for 40m and presently have just over 100 DXCC on digital plus working towards WAS……slowly !! 2 states needed..(plus 2 to get LoTW confirmation)

I’m always looking at different aspects and deciding what’s next.

Presently a member of the RSGBGQRP club,  EPCDMC and SOC.

Other radio interests which take up a lot of my time, is SDR dongles and I’ve been active since 2012 in this branch of the radio hobby. I receive ADS-B 24/7 via a dongle linked to an outside antenna then via a Raspberry Pi 3, I feed to ADS-B sites online. I’m now also using a SDRPlay. I occasionally keep an eye on local ship movements and run AIS when I’m not on HF….

I’m 65, married, retired, a receding hairline and much overweight, three grown up kids, daughter-in-law, a grandson and two goldfish.

This blog is more a diary of what I do in the hobby,  the fun, the ‘blips’ and the ‘busting my ass’ getting up some of these hills.  The achievement of getting there and the views from the Scottish tops are unsurpassed. It’s worth a go.

Scottish mountains may be ‘pimples’ on the global scale but wherever you travel, you will never find panoramic views like ours. If you look at the photo of me standing on the summit of Goat Fell on the Isle of Arran, just imagine yourself standing there drinking in the view whilst feeling a cool fresh breeze scuttling up from the sea and the smug satisfaction of getting there. Ye canny whack it !!

You won’t find any opinionated posts or Amateur radio news here, this is just WYSIWYG with a bit of fun thrown in.


If you want to contact me, click <HERE>


I’m now on Echolink…my node number is 493825, available most evenings (UK time !!!), please feel free to ‘call’ me (email me first and we can arrange a ‘sked’, much easier)

All outside links…are posted in good faith


5 thoughts on “About

  1. 2M0GIL

    Hi Bob / Stumbled upon your blog by accident.well impressed! keep it going.Will keep it in my favorites box.Hope to catch you S2S again soon.all the best! 73’s Graeme..

  2. Stevie Quinn

    Hi Bobby! finally caught up and having a good nose around and looking for stuff to nick for my own site lol. I’m getting a nosebleed just reading about all these summits mate. All the best from County Durham!

    1. gm7something Post author


      Thanks for the comment !! I’m sure you get organised for SOTA and enjoy activating…


  3. gm4cox

    Well here you are?

    Was looking for something relating to GM4COX and ended up on your Blog.

    It’s looking and reading – good Bobby.

    Busy at the moment with curling comittments and just back from 5 weeks in the States & Canada (Curling Winnipeg) so catching up. Also. Handling WoSARS’s (Glasgow Radio Club) Programme for my sins. Busy boy as usual so not too much time to get out on the hills. Though determined to finish off those SS’s (down to below last 30 (;>)

    73 and catch you out and about



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