It’s Official……..Retirement

After 18 months waiting it finally arrived, retirement. I’d decided many years ago that I would try to finish work early. I had initially thought as soon as possible as I turned 60 but other factors later came in to play. My employer was looking for efficiency savings so I applied to go and now 18 month after my 60th birthday, the day in April arrived. My feelings? non plussed actually. I’ve been told the first month is like an extended holiday but then the enormity of it will hit me. I’m looking to do many things, I have ideas constantly buzzing around in this big old empty head and we’ll see when I get there, I’m pretty spontaneous in what I do so…. I’ve a few things to get sorted before I finally get on with a new dawn in my life, I’ll get whatever done before the younger Mrs Mhor joins me in a few years time. I’ve done work inside the house and being honest, work would have been a rest compared to this.

Mhor on Corlic

Mhor on Corlic

My culinary skills to be utilised more (I’m told), my place now as a house-husband is assured (I’m told). Where is that dishcloth? No doubt, I will be writing about some of my adventures as life goes along…….

Back to the normal stuff…

( February/March) Radio…

SOTA chasing.. I caught two ‘visitors’ who had three days planned on the hills around Tarbet (the Loch Lomond one). I was waiting and on time, I worked Geoff NON and Robin TQQ on Cruach Tairbairt at the head of Loch Long, a hill surrounded by higher hills, this was the only hill they did on 2m due to the lack of 2m activity. I listened the following day on the chance that Beinn Bhreac or Tullich Hill would be called from but nothing. If I was to do the former hill I’d choose HF due to the site and poor VHF take off, ces’t la vie. Next in the log was Duncan GOG on Goseland Hill, I’d been out for walk but had carried my handie as Iain WJZ was due on Ben Cruachan later that day(if I extended my wanders as I tend to do), A good contact as the hill was 85 kms from the part of the B788 I was at. I also had a quick word with fellow chaser Brian HMZ. I’d returned home and then worked Iain on Ben Cruachan which is almost LOS(line of sight) to the N of the home QTH, a hill which tempts me.



The following weekend, I’d a text pre-warning me that Neil NCM was activating an Ayrshire hill, Benbeoch. I could have just walked up to the trig point above the golf course but I took the bike and headed up the West Glen Rd out of Kilmacolm and looked for a point where I could have a good run into the hill Neil was on. I’d had a good look on the OS map so I knew roughly my destination but I just drew into a farm gate and called and first call Neil had heard me as he was just setting up, excellent and had a quick QSO before I left Neil on a windy summit and I would freewheel to join the Barochan Rd and head on to Houston and home. First in the log in March was Iain WJZ who was on Cairn Table in East Ayrshire, I’d nipped up to the local trig point, 15 mins away to catch him. Two weeks later,I caught Robin PKT on successive days, first hill was Ben Laga on the Saturday plus I’d caught Jack COX a few minutes earlier on Culter Fell, I’d cycled to Scroggy Bank high above Greenock where I had hoped to catch Robin on the handie and only when I arrived and checked the alerts page I found out Jack was out. Two good contacts distance wise, PKT at 107 and COX at 92 kms. Ben Laga is above Loch Sunart in the Ardnamurchan peninsula. I knew it would be a reach but we got there in the end. I must get a portable lightweight beam built that fits in my pannier bag. Robin PKT was out the following day on Morvern on Sidhean na Raplaich, this time I caught him after heading to old favourite hill, Corlic. I’d got dropped off with Euan and waited at the summit to make the contact, the summit littered with loads of cut cable ties and more strangely a 8 ft section of 4″ plastic down pipe(now removed), strange one.


Looks like SOTAEx may be back on for 2015, watch this space !!


Still working data modes, JT65, JT9, PSK plus a return to WSPR.

20m 22 2 15 1130 UTC

20m 22 2 15 1130 UTC

I made my first top band(160m) JT65 contact into EI land plus I’d spent more than a few evenings doing WSPR on this band. I did try some SSTV on 20m , I received the shown image from a Dutch SWL station with an ask for me to verify the reception, a QSL card was soon on its way.


A wee health blip mid march but after a good rest, I was back out on the bike with nothing more than my usual routes and runs through the country roads to the east and south of home. I’m slowly working myself back up to hopefully regain the fitness I had last year. I’d enjoyed myself too much with the tasty, cidery wrong things over the winter months, how can they be wrong if they taste so good?

I got one of these as a farewell pressie from my employers(my choice)

WX station

WX station

I’m keeping an eye on the download data which runs on ‘Cumulus’ on my computer. I have started it on 1st April to log all the data, we’ll see how the first month goes.. I’m debating whether I should have it north facing or south-facing. I’m running it at the north side of the house.

As a funny.. I saw this when googling for info on the Kenwood TS590SG..

Note the sales description and the quick details…..hilarious or probably lost in translation?

As with all images, click on to embiggen.

Thanks go to Wikipedia, Peakbagger and other sites I have linked to.

TS 590SG advert

TS 590SG advert


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  1. ncmncat says:

    Sorry I took so long to read this but I’m here now! 🙂

    Well done (I think) on the retirement hope you have a lot of fun in your new life. And I hope you have better luck at retiring than a lot of people I know that have tried and failed miserably.

    Take care

    • gm7something says:

      Thank you….
      Mrs Mhor has plenty for me to do so far…
      I will try and enjoy the free time…
      Radio and its ever changing propagation will give me more a challenge to add DXCC or get the last 3 WAS I need.
      I may even try some HF portable….
      I will have a good time…


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