A varied week….

I thought time to blog again..

to keep it turning over and with lots happening, I thought ‘Let’s go for it!’

The week started with the elusive cheap’n’cheerful Cree T6 LED bike light finally winging its way from Asia…

and could I wait to try it? No…..

Quickly fitted it was off along Route 75 in daylight, my normal jump off places were forgotten as recently as the week before, the puncture fairy visited me two days in a row, the first as I was heading through Brookfield, I pumped up the tyre and headed back but less than a 1/4 mile I had to put in a new inner tube. The following evening as I was heading down the Torr Road into Bridge of Weir, that sinking feeling again. I walked about 100 metres on to the cycle track and tried the earlier days ‘pump’ but this time being 6 mile from home, I headed off and twice I had to inflate (east of Kilmacolm and as I approached the Port), I’d got home…

The next day, I could find no evidence of damage or puncture of the tyre, both punctures were next to each other, a cm at most.

I just threw another tyre on.

Right back to the test run, I reached the bridge(s) over the Locher Water east of Bridge of Weir, it was now almost dark..

aye no markings

aye no markings

I switched on the Cree and headed home testing the four settings. One was good, two was just ideal for the cycle track, three just slightly better and the flashing mode? unbearable but effective. I’ll pass on its flashing mode.

The next night, I left earlier after a half day off work and did a slightly longer route turning back as I passed Brookfield, I made reasonable time but as I approached the Lost Legion XVII sculpture, it went dark…oh boy, had it burnt out? had it broke? I switched on the standby Smart and finished the run home.

I charged the battery pack which took only 4 hours roughly and connected everything together and light!!!! I’d read up on it and the cut off had done its job when I’d been out but I should have really charged the battery when I’d received it.

Whilst all this drama was going on , a space craft landed on an asteroid. This was a technological marvel, the asteroid was travelling towards the sun at 34,500 kms an hour, now that is fast. It has had its problems by bouncing a few times but some of the images are breathtaking. They hope to kickstart the craft which is lying like a drunk with one leg in the air. I hope they do. An achievement no less.

Friday arrived and it was looking good for a run.



I had a call early in the week telling me the first section of the wind turbine going up on the other side of the hill was up and they intended putting the other pieces up from Thursday. I thought over the Green Road for a nosey..

I passed the clubhouse and headed up the rough start of the Green Road and as soon as I hit the bad bend, wheel spins and a sinking feeling (a pattern here?).

I plodded up the track which had the consistency of porridge in bits and Mrs Bob was a bit unhappy with the state of my trainers when I returned home, oops…

I headed down and could see activity up at the pad with strapping around turbine bits. Ignoring the ‘no unauthorised vehicles’ sign I cycled up and stopped well short and spoke with the contractor who is working on the ‘porridge’ track, I’m assured 300 tons of scalpings are being laid once the track dries out. I’d have though much more but..

I hung about for an hour waiting on movement but it  was too windy (12 mph is the upper limit to lift)…

Down the track and off west, I stopped at junction with B788 for a quick drink, a cyclist stopped and after exchanging the time of day, I followed him towards Kilmacolm but he had one of those electric bikes and as we approached the hill over Faulds off he whizzed off leaving me peching up the hill, an idea for the future, methinks…

Nothing exciting as I headed down Gateside Rd, turned right  on the B786 and up the short, sharp Carruthmuir hill to turn off down the Torr Rd, I headed home.

I thought out in the dark Saturday morning and  to some of the back roads, nope, lazy me just headed out and took the A761 road to Linwood, now I keep forgetting to avoid this road but then it was out across the Moss Rd and back to Bridge of Weir and home…

Still only one bit of turbine showing as I passed east of it.

Sunday morning.

A misty start and a warm sunny finish to one of my most regular outs, the cycle track then an off at Netherwood up past Balrossie and right towards Gateside Rd. Once more up the short, sharp ramp at the foot of Carruthmuir then a quick whiz down the Torr Rd where I tend to estimate what I need so it down and off through Brookfield rejoining the track on the Barochan Rd then homeward bound.

I did see the turbine cone and blades being attached but the thought of heading down the Green Rd and the muddy consequences were too much. I stopped from a distance to watch and note the turbine wasn’t as prominent as I thought it would be (I think permission being granted on appeal of being a smaller size). I wonder how these are financially viable when you see the preparatory work that goes in to the erection and surrounding works of just one of these although there is a couple of others being placed in the same area. Renewable energy targets being made at a cost?

I must get back to my other regular route out Erskine way…

turbine blade

turbine blade

Radio wise?

I had gotten my UTC all mixed up as I thought it was still the 1 hour difference but I hurried home on Sat to find Iain WJZ on Creag MacRanaich, one of the seven I need for top 50 in the GM/SS list and caught Iain later on Meall an-t’Seallaidh… The following day I worked Iain again this time on Meall na Fearna before finally catching Robin PKT on Beinn Leamhain in the Morvern hills.

I’ve been working towards getting LoTW ‘300’ challenge and presently sitting on 277 countries (HF only), hopefully if conditions stay as they have been I’ll realise my goal in 2015.

Oh and at work helped put up two christmas trees in Quarriers Village and Kilmacolm, my last.

A family quandary was had later in the week as my two daughters were graduating on the same day but at different venues, Lora’s graduation in Bachelor of Accounting and Ailsa (now at Uni) picked up her HND in Business but Mum caught one and I the other. Proud parents?, aye!

Finally, congratulations got to fellow blogger Hugh and his family with a new addition Penny May, sleepless nights and all the related things but as you see in the previous sentence, it is certainly all worthwhile.

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  1. 2m0iob says:

    For your readers, the turbine looks complete and was turning very slowly today (23/11/14). The Green road is still a maukit black colour, maybe it will return to it’s given name at some point in the future. A good read as always Mr Mhor.

  2. gm7something says:

    Apparently the latest report from the Green Rd is that it has deteriorated further, I must head up and have a good look. Farm machinery etc littered everywhere. Hopefully only temporary.

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