A Ferry Good Day Oot…………………..

The weather had been excellent, hot and breezy..

so it was time again to think about another day ‘out’ on the bike, the previous journey via the Haul Rd had been cycled on what was probably the warmest day in June. I had decided after that if I was going ‘abroad’ it would be done in much cooler times.

Work was busy and with the occasional jaunt along my now well-worn routes throughout mid Renfrewshire being done most weekends. It was time to head ‘abroad’ again.

I thought of another trip across to the Roseneath peninsula although this time I’d take in a forestry track diversion over the top of the lower peninsula starting from Kilcreggan.

I had recently bought the Ram Mount for my bike and the dedicated holder for my Etrex so I could log the geocache information and I would have it visible on the handlebar instead of my old method of listening for the beep which let me know I was in the immediate area of a cache. This proved a worthwhile buy as I had tested it out on a previous ‘out’.

15 caches preloaded and it was off to catch the Kilcreggan ferry from Gourock pier, I cycled the 7 miles from home to the pier but I did collect one cache en route as I had arrived early, a quick sign of the log and back to its hiding place and then I headed the last half mile to the pier.

The ferry this time was more busy as we sailed across a slight swell towards Kilcreggan Pier, I was getting used to this now.

Leaving Gourock

Leaving Gourock

In no time at all I was walking the bike up the pier where I took stock, loaded up the GPS and followed my route to the start point higher up in Kilcreggan, I had pre checked the forest track on Google Maps and further on Google Earth.

Rhu Narrows and entrance to Gareloch

Rhu Narrows and entrance to Gareloch

I started up the track and logged the first cache then slowly made my was up the ‘Timber Haul Rd’ pausing when I heard the beep informing me another cache. The rise was constant and the track was in better fettle than I thought although on a few sections downhill I dismounted as the track got rougher with water damage in places. I finally topped out and headed along the track to what looks like a radio relay station just south of Clach MacKenny summit trig point.

It was time to take on scran and water, I sat at the picnic bench and took in the views which were surprisingly excellent in all directions, Clach MacKenny’s summit sits at  662 ft ASL, I find it isn’t always the highest hills who have outstanding views but like others, Scroggy Bank and Lurg Moor trig both above Greenock, areas like this are worth finding.

I found that my camera SD card was full, typical eh? but I’d taken the images I wanted as the run would soon be back on previously travelled roads except this time I was heading down past Faslane and heading home via Helensburgh..

I headed back down to join the track and head north along what was a very well-kept forestry track, a bit undulating at this time but soon I could see my exit point on to the Peaton Rd where I would turn right and head quickly down to join the B833 towards Garelochhead. I’d bagged 13 caches en route so that had obviously taken more than a couple of hours of searching although I did miss out 2 as DNF(did not find), one was down a steep banking which I wasn’t taking the risk to fall down and the other, I was attacked by clegs so I high tailed it.

The downhill track covered in no time and soon I exited the side gate on to Peaton Rd. It was back to welcome tarmac as I whizzed down and soon headed north towards Garelochhead.

I soon turned the top of the loch and sat at my now usual spot at the old Pier site, a bench looking down the loch. I sat for 15 mins before it was down roads previous driven down passing Faslane base, it was a slow climb and I joined a cycle path until I entered Rhu, the promenade towards Helensburgh was busy with others enjoying the fine but breezy weather. The Met Office had said WNW winds but no I seemed to meet them at every turn into my face, it made life slightly slower.

I intended heading up through Helensburgh’s Sinclair St which would take me past Glen Fruin and familiar territory of Ben Bowie. I had cut out the bottom busy section as I had taken a slight detour through the upper part of the town but I would soon join the relentless slog up the A818, after what seemed like a never-ending rise I topped and crossed to join an excellent cycle track which takes you to join the Lomond Cycle track at Arden, I passed the summit and passed the entrance to Bannachra woods which is the start point to walk Ben Bowie but not today. One more rise brings you to the ‘Cross Key’ junction. I met a few cyclists heading my way but quiet for me as I quickly arrived at the Arden roundabout, if you have read my earlier runs up this way.

Ben Bowie

Ben Bowie

Looking up the Gareloch

Looking up the Gareloch

Duck Bay, Lomond Shores and into Balloch where I would head down the excellent path along the River Leven, a quick chat with a couple of anglers who were struggling in the low water and sunny conditions. I did see one fish moving through a submerged weir and with a quick swish of its tail and it moved quickly upstream, its destination? one of the many rivers which fill Loch Lomond if it can get past those angling for it..

I stopped at Bonhill Bridge for another liquid take on, I had my usual fizzy drink which even the pros have in their musettes, a cold Irn Bru…the sugar would give some energy, honest! I thought of the pros climbing towards the finish of the day’s stage in the Vuelta in temps approaching 40c. Phew!

The lower half of the path was now busy as it was past mid afternoon, I stooped as I approached Dumbarton for some more water and off up on to the main road briefly before taking the turn which would eventually take me to the cycle track, I must some day find the proper track but this gets me there. I was soon back on the dedicated cycle path passing whisky bonds, kennels at Milton and the last stretch before turning into Bowling Harbour. A track which is well worth visiting if only to do a return journey to eg Balloch.

The last stretch of track along the canal before heading into Old Kilpatrick, another shop stop for water, fizzy juice and my now go to cycling energy sweet, ‘Jelly Tots’ . Soon I was heading up the glen to the east side of the Erskine Bridge, my phone rang..It was Katie asking if I fancied Chinese for tea…’Eh, I’m the other side of Erskine, dear’..it looked like Chef Beko had my tea waiting…but for the first time, I could feel the wind at my back and as I dropped off the bridge, I headed west towards Bishopton along a familiar road and soon I was through Bishie and heading over to Houston, I was deciding whether to treat myself to a cold pint but I passed through Houston out toward Bridge of Weir and was soon back on Route 75, six and half mile to go….

The miles passed quickly even after the distance travelled and soon rode the last wee ramp before home.

61 mile and 13 geocaches logged, a good day out.

In retrospect?

I would have been more suited after ‘doing’ the forest track possibly dropping down left to Coulport and returning past Cove to Kilcreggan, ferry home then cycle home BUT as usual, I never listen to myself.

The next morning?

I felt good, really good and much better than I expected and when it was time to get going at work, no problem..

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  1. 2m0iob says:

    Looks another excellent day out. You have a knack of finding cracking places to visit. Enjoyed the pictures, the video clip is pure qwality man. I must take a leaf out of your book and try and get a day off some time to head out and explore properly. Keep educating us with your reports of your travels. 🙂

  2. gm7something says:

    It was a pleasant surprise, views I didn’t expect !
    I’ve lots of ‘outs’ in mind, its trying to get my legs to think the same way..
    A good day and hopefully lots more ‘outs’.

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