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Too much inactivity in the Mhor life just now, I guess it is time to get back out on the hill tops or pedalling to some interesting places. I can put down some of it to a knee injury suffered whilst not at play. The weather has turned autumnal towards the end of the month, this is more my ‘liked’ weather conditions. 

I’ll start as usual with the SOTA chasing as no activations to report but with a bit of luck, I’ll have a few soon. Watch this space.


The usual suspects have been busy out and about.

First logged in August was Robin PKT who took in two of the Lawer range but I only caught him on Meall Garbh.  Four days later I caught him on Meall Ghaordaidh, this contact was like the previous one on SSB I was too late to catch him on FM.

A new activator (to me) Rob YTS whom I worked on Meall nan Tarmachan, I had a quick chat with him before he left to work HF. Good to see another station taking the time to work VHF as well as his main HF. Later that day I worked Jack COX on the adjacent summits of Ben More and Stobinnean in the Crianlarich Alps. Hills I see most days and still to attempt one of them although the later interests me most. Blaming Graeme HLQ for that.

Rob YTS was to pop up a few days later on Ben Vorlich ( the Loch Earn one) before he made his way to Stuc a’Chroin. More points bagged towards the 3,000 mark.  The following day Craig PHT appeared on Conic Hill and I followed Craig on his ascent using Endomondo so whilst poor Craig was climbing I got the coffee and cake to Bob’s desk and waited.  I think Conic is now my top ‘chase’.

Iain WJZ appeared on Beinn Mhor which LOS isn’t too far from the home QTH and as expected full signal, it was my first chase of Iain in Aug who followed this up the next day with an activation on the Mull of Kintyre but as I was at home ‘resting’ I missed him.

Aug 2013 chases

Aug 2013 chases

The next day, I worked Robin PKT on his ‘local’ hill Ben Nevis and other chases that day were fellow bloggers Neil 2MØNCM on Beinn Chabhair to the N of Lomond and Craig PHT on Beinn Narnain….

A quieter month but still plenty of points accrued and thanks once again to those who ventured out.


Spending too much time either monitoring or giving a call out on various bands mostly from 30m to 15m on the data sections. JT65 has been the mode of choice with just an occasional visit to JT9 but I spent more time monitoring this mode. PSK being tried on the odd occasion just to keep my hand in and hopefully work some new stations.

I mentioned in last month’s Radio days that I was about to experiment with another data mode, Sim31. I duly downloaded and set it up and off to 20m and gave a few calls over a couple of hours. I tried and tried….nothing but decided that I’d put some time aside to both watch and call CQ over the next few days, I did this and nothing. I kept popping in and seeing if any activity, nothing. Beginners no luck I think. I’ll try again in the near future.

I downloaded and re-installed Log4OM as with the new ADIF 3.04 appearing it might be time to update my electronic logging program from the HRD logging I presently use. HRD is now a paid program and the version I have will not be updated so time to possibly move to another program. I’m still finding my way around. Daniele IW3HMH’s program is HERE. Worth a look if you need an electronic log. Techy stuff on the new ADIF HERE. Oh and SOTA is now included in the new ADIF

MY_SOTA_REF the logging station’s International SOTA Reference.

SOTA_REF the contacted station’s International SOTA Reference.


Odds and sods….

The days are now ticking down to the mid September 2013 DX-Expedition to North Wales, regular readers will have read about our (Roddy 2MØIOB and Patsy 2MØUPG) 2011 trip to the Isle of Mull HERE and the 2012 trip to the Lake District HERE. Hills being at and maps about to be printed off, GPX files loaded into the GPS and get all the other palaver organised. Looking forward to it.

I was logging my chase of Craig PHT’s activation of the Hill of Stake when an excerpt of Jonny Muir’s’ Height of Madness ‘ that  I recommended recently came to mind. Access to this hill  is not most people’s favourite due to the featureless and pathless slog through bog and heather. Jonny had made mention so I quote from his book ‘I’d spent two hours trudging up and down the loneliest  countryside I had ever come across, gurgling morasses and gorse, to stand on the Hill of Stake’ Where have I heard descriptions like that before ? It’s really a no bad hill. I’ll be back early next year, I hope !!

I have recently read Mark Horrell’s ‘In Footsteps of Mallory’ which I thoroughly enjoyed, I have a couple more of his ebooks to read. His blog is worth bookmarking. In between I re-read a Bill Bryson book ‘I’m a stranger here myself. I’d recommend any of Mr Bryson’s books.

I’m sure those among us who are of a certain age will remember the ‘Number Stations’ when listening around HF , there has been many internet articles written on the subject, I guess you could say it has a cult following.

‘The Kernel’ which describes itself as an online ‘Tech, media and politics for the enquiring minds’ recently ran an article and update on the British part of the Numbers game..I’ll leave it to you to read…

Track near Cunston AFTER

Track near Cunston AFTER

First article HERE and an update link at the bottom of the article !!! Intriguing and high-tech, my erse. I spy,a phone line and TBH the follow-up text..hilarious. In these days of GCHQ and the NSA being exposed for their ‘intelligence gathering’, this has ‘Keystone Cops’ written all over it. They troll the corridors of so-called élite education establishments to come up with that.  Very ‘Get Smart‘ I think, anyone remember that programme ? One episode HERE

You know of my regular trips using Route 75 cycle track on my countryside cycle jaunts but recently I got involved with a tidy up of the overgrown edges between higher Port Glasgow and the W side of Kilmacolm. The track from Greenock to Quarriers village has now been maintained in this way. A metre cut down either side does make a difference, now the overhanging branches need done. I’m slowly getting near the 1,000 ml mark which is an achievement for an oldie like me.

My thanks as usual to Wikipedia, Peakbagger and other sites I have linked to.

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