(June) Radio Days

Aren’t the summer months passing quickly ?

or is it a certain milestone in my life approaching far too quick ? I’m really hoping they will slow down…

I’m almost early for this monthly post but as I haven’t been out recently on the hills, I’ve put in some miles along with Lance. The benefits are starting to show dividends as I have now lost 10% of my January body weight. I’d like to think that more will get lost in the coming months.

I’m going away from the subject in hand…


An eventful month with two activations to report, the first Sunday of the month saw me return to Beinn Dubh on the west bank of Loch Lomond and as a difference I continued after the activation to take the return journey along what is known as the Glen Striddle Horseshoe. A walk which in the clear conditions of the day was cracking with views in 360 degrees. I stayed on the hill playing radio until my battery pegged out but on what was a glorious day weather wise, I could have stayed longer. Blog post HERE.

Looking for contacts

Looking for contacts

The second activation of Cnoc Coinnich was another I had promised myself away back in 2009 after Neil 2MØNCM had activated the same hill in icy, cold conditions. It is another hill I can see from my shack window with both Coinnich and Ben Donich merging into each other. I’d ascended from the Ardgarten side on what was a hot, hot day and as I left the Cowal Way path I headed up a pathless but easy-going underfoot steepish hillside.

I was rewarded once again with views in all directions and the hill to myself until I had just set the GPS to head off the hill. A good day radio wise (another flattened battery !) which I will mention the STS contacts in my chasing section of the post. Blog post HERE.

Two activations, I was spoiling myself.


First name in my log for June was a surprise one, I had sat with the radio on in the background just in the off-chance. It was regular chaser Brian MM1HMZ who sent me a text warning me of his impending activation of Meikle Bin. I’d missed the others who had been out that day but welcome points from the big fella.

The next day was spent on Beinn Dubh, I’d spoken with Iain WJZ on my ascent and I caught him on White Coomb to the S of me, a good start to the day. Immediately after, Roddy 2MØIOB was in the log, Roddy was out on Ellson Fell next to the border with England approx 145 km away, a good contact and excellent signal strength between our two hill tops.

Next to call in was blog regular Robin PKT to the N of me on Stob a’Choire Odhair, today was one of the busiest days on 2m SOTA so far in ’13. Bob AWV popped in next from Corse Hill to the S of Glasgow before I heard fellow blogger Graeme 2MØGIL who was on his first hill of Beinn a’Mhanaich, one of my regular hills not too far away from me.  A busy day which wasn’t finished as Jim GLM appeared on Innerdouny Hill to the E of me, it was good to see Jim out and about again.

Looking West from Cnoc Coinnich © Neil 2MØNCM

Looking West from Cnoc Coinnich © Neil 2MØNCM

I worked Liz EPW on the summit of Mellbreak in the Lake District, I heard another WOTA station just to the S of her but as much as I tried I couldn’t get their attention, ces’t la vie.

Finally just after my battery pegged out (again), I caught Graeme GIL on his second hill of Beinn Chaorach on my handie, I could see slight movement near the trig on Chaorach and I reckoned it must have been Graeme. A day to remember with 8 STS ( summit to summit). Graeme’s blog post of his day HERE

I caught Robin PKT on a midweek evening activation of Carn Mor Dearg, I had stuck my beam out as I knew this would not be possible with the colinear. A 10pt hill evening activation no less.

The next chase was from the top of Cnoc Coinnich and I started the day with a contact into the Lake District, I’d been trying to break in and Bob XJV had heard a STS but I was to find out it was Roddy IOB and not  me. Roddy had heard me call and had alerted Bob who called me first and contact made to the summit of Grasmoor, a hill I’d sat and looked at on my visits to the area. Of course, Roddy 2MØIOB was next in the log from his summit of Roan Fell just to the N of his earlier weeks hill. It was good to make the contact but conditions were down on the previous week but as you know a slight shift in site can make a big difference. I left Roddy to find Robin PKT on his second summit of the day, Sgurr Dearg, one of the twin peaks of Beinn a’Bheithir to the W of Glencoe. I’d missed his first hill due to my being surrounded by higher ground on my ascent, pity.

I knew who was out and the last STS was with Iain WJZ who was on the Isle of Arran, Iain was on Caisteal Abhail. A good day once again and it was good to see so much activity on 2m. SOTA does liven up 2m at weekends.

Brodick Bay from Goat Fell

Brodick Bay from Goat Fell

The following day proved another busy day, I’d been out early on the bike and returned to find out the band would be busy around lunchtime. I packed the rukkie and it was off to Lurg Moor but only after I caught Robin on Stob Coire Raineach, one of the two munro summits of Buachaille Etive Beag.

I had just arrived and set up when I worked Iain on the iconic Arran summit Goat Fell, a hill on which I’d visited in 2011. Good memories. Next on a busy day was Colwyn YCJ to the NE of me on Meall Ghaordaidh quickly followed with fellow blogger Neil 2MØNCM who had made the long, long slog into Mullwharchar in the Galloway Hills which on such a hot day would have been a long day but in a text exchange, he had said I could manage to work him if I was oot’n’aboot and he kinda implied I should get out. He knows I need no persuading to head out to chase.

Andy FMF was next logged from his summit Beinn Eunaich to the N of me. Two more were to follow him into the log, Robin had appeared on the other summit of Etive Beag, SD and after a chat it was off to wait on Graeme 2MØGIL who was to appear on the Hill of Stake, Graeme was last in my log for the day. I have since suffered friendly abuse from South Ayrshire because I left the hillside too early but the breeze had died and the scourge appeared.

Phew, halfway through the month and more logged, the next weekend saw Graeme GIL out on both Meall Greigh and Meall Garbh in the Lawers range, a busy June for him. In between those contacts, I worked Robin PKT on Beinn Lora, have i said before that my eldest daughter is called Lora ? I probably have hihi. We have promised we will head to the hill in question in the future.

Iain WJZ was also out on Ben Vane, a busy month for him as well. Ta for the points!

To finish the month, Robin PKT was oot’n’aboot midweek and I worked him on the summits of  Ben Lawers, Meall a’Bhuiridh and finally on Chno Dearg.

My thanks to all who ventured out for the points accrued. A busy month.


A quiet month for me according to my stats at eQSL. Most time spent on JT65 as JT9 quieted to me slightly. I still occasionally throw a CQ call on PSK31 just to stay in the loop but as seen in the chasing part of this post, 2m is where I spent most of my time. Conditions fell away slightly towards the end of the year but some interesting stuff coming in early evening  on 15m to Asia and South America.



most of you will know by now that my youngest daughter Ailsa gained her Duke of Edinburgh Gold award and just a few days ago, Ailsa, her Mum and I attended the presentation at Holyrood Palace. I have in a ‘proud father way’ put up a snap of the award winner and her dad. An award that took much effort, well done Ailsa. ( yeah, I know..a dodgy tie)

Ailsa and her Dad

Ailsa and her Dad

Another book recommendation.

I have just finished reading  ‘Cairngorm John, A Life in Mountain Rescue’.

I quote Amazon.co.uk “For over thirty years John Allen was an active member of the Cairngorm Mountain Rescue Team and for most of them acted as Team Leader. In ‘Cairngorm John’ (his call sign when in contact with Search and Rescue helicopters he recalls the challenges of mountain rescue and the many changes he has seen and been a party to. A book filled with exciting accounts of life rescues, discussions of mountain rescue topics such as hypothermia, first aid, and the use of helicopters and search and rescue dogs. Peopled with interesting characters his accounts are always humane and the book laced with humour.”

I cannot add much more to that but a book I found hard to put down and that I enjoyed immensely plus I now have a better understanding of mountain rescue and its dedicated volunteers.

The book is available from Amazon HERE and all good bookstores.

That’s all folks. A busy month.

My thanks to Neil for letting me use his winter W view from Cnoc Coinnich (© Neil 2MØNCM)

To embiggen any of the images, just click on them and they should open in a seperate window.

Thanks go to Wikipedia, Peakbagger, walkhighlands, Amazon.co.uk and any others I have missed.

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    Well done, Ails a. And well done, dad for the 10%!

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    Well what a busy time you have had, wish I had half of that done in the same time. Good one again.

    Dodgy tie? Shifty geezer! 😯 Well done Ailsa.

    And in the words of Waters and Gilmour…..
    Is there anybody in there?
    Just nod if you can hear me
    Is there anyone home?

    Neil 2M0NCM 😛

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