An Afternoon Spent Hunting Treasure…..

Treasure hunting or using its ‘posh’ name…. Geocaching..

The regular reader may have noticed that Roddy had mentioned something in his comment in an earlier blog post…see HERE about the latest hobby (or fad).

I recently picked up an Etrex GPS unit and as the Geocaching kit add-on was the same price, why not?

I started with the nearest one which is just to the back of the house. I headed up the Green Road and as I had noted the rough coördinations on the map, I climbed a gate, switched on the GPS and headed into the field following what was on the screen, I reduced the distance until the lowest setting, 20ft.

I rooted around and found it.

I signed the log and re hid the cache.

Back to today’s hunt….

I’d been knocking off the odd cache near the cycle track and within a 4 ml radius of the house.

I’d caught a couple the previous Saturday between Bridge of Weir and Brookfield but as the weather was looking good, a trip further afield was planned. I prepared and printed off a map with all the locations of five caches all to the East and SE of Linwood.

XVII Legion

XVII Legion

The sun was shining brightly as I set off heading for the cycle track (Route 75) and soon I was heading through Kilmacolm, I saluted the Lost XVII Legion as I passed making good time as the path was empty despite the warm weather. I headed into a slight head on breeze and powered past Bridge of Weir with a tempting waft of the Italian restaurant at the side of the path.

Soon I was heading along the fields passing a cache I had done the previous week (and the road up to the other at Lochar Bridge) until Brookfield appeared on my right, the path now started to be busier as I approached Linwood.

I cycled over the busy A737 and chose the right turn down Route 7 which would lead me to my next target via the offshot path to Milliken Park and  its ‘Ring of Stones’. I’ve linked to another blogger who gives more details of the ‘Ring’ HERE. Cache bagged and off SW as I headed back to join the cycle path at Kilbarchan.

Ring of Stones

Ring of Stones

As I joined the track via what was obviously the walkway to the old station I passed the next cache area but I had decided just to head along the track until I reached my destination, a sculpture of a bike, a big bike with concrete wheels ! The Bedrock Bike..

I stopped and parked the Marasa and sat down nearby and had some scran ( a healthy bar !) and a cool drink of water.

I searched and found the cache, logged my visit and off I headed back from where I had come from. I did think of a text to Brian HMZ who lives nearby bumming a coffee but I thought better keep moving.

I soon reached the old station platform at KIlbarchan and had a quick look at my wee notebook for the ‘hint’, I saw more than one and switched on the GPS but I was soon logging my visit.

After a women with psychotic dogs had left the area, it was on the trusty steed and off the track and I soon headed up Kilbarchan main street until I found the side road which would take me to just outside Brookfield.

The Bedrock Bike

The Bedrock Bike

I soon reached the A761 and headed East passing Brookfield and looking for the entrance of the area where the next cache was located. I headed up the blocked off approach road to the abandoned but yet to be demolished buildings. I arrived at the spot I remembered noting where the cache was to be found. I had a quick look around and found a dump hammer under a rock, this was weird ! I soon found and signed the cache. I headed down the refuse strewn road and turned left and took the Barochan Rd at the roundabout, I soon reached the entrance of the cycle track and this time no caches just a gentle paced cycle home.

Aye right, the breeze I had earlier cycled in to was now the opposite way but I still made steady progress but knew that the slow uphill trek to Port Glasgow was ahead of me. I reached Bridge of Weir and mentally decided to stop on the bridge over the Gryfe and have a water break. It was busy so I carried on until the turn off which takes you to Quarriers Village. The history of Quarriers is HERE.

Quarriers village

Quarriers village

I parked the bike and sat down and had a quick swig and rested for a couple of minutes but soon I was back on the track saluting the Lost XVII Legion as I passed. The quietness was now gone as a myriad of cyclists and walkers seemed to be at every turn on this section of the track. I soon reached Kilmacolm and knew I had just under four miles to home although the next two and a half were the uphill section. I soon passed Netherwood Rd and headed over Penny’s Arch and my usual stopping place just before Cunston bridge where the bench was occupied..damn ! I soon reached the high point and took leave from the cycle path passing some local worthies enjoying what looked like more than a beer or two. I headed down and then it was not long and my legs would get a rest.

I turned up the avenue and as I arrived home, I stopped Endomondo and saw I had done over 28 mls. I was more than pleased but my legs weren’t. A welcome coffee and a hot Radox bath then it was feet up for the evening….

Cache off Green Rd HERE

Cache at Ring of Stones HERE

Cache at Bedrock Bike HERE

Cache at Platform (Kilbarchan) HERE

Cache at Disused Buildings HERE

Geocaching website HERE

Wikipedia article on Geocaching HERE

Lance :).

To embiggen any image, just click it.

I’ve added a couple of images from an earlier cache hunt…

Oh, can anyone spot the deliberate mistake ?

and did I mention the 28 and a half miles covered ?

Todays Route

Todays Route


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  1. 2m0iob says:

    Only possible ‘mistake’ I spotted was the picture of the Rotten burn pool, is that not Largs? Well done to Lance for a good read ( much better than the Mhor chap LOL ), and a great distance covered on a sunny day. I would love to have the wheels to head further afield, but I can combine my ‘hoofing’ with owning two dogs, so it works in fine. Maybe Mr McGill will let Lance take his bike on a bus to a further flung part of the Empire and he can cycle home from there with new stories and pictures for his growing legion of loyal fans?
    Keep the legs spinning. IOB

  2. vmtb says:

    Superb post. And lovely pictures… I’m aiming to build my own gps-avr gadget (probably by 2015). I’ll check out this geocaching malarky: it could be interesting project for pupils!

  3. gm7something says:

    Thanks for the comments..
    The ‘mistake’ ? I signed my Fri cache finds as two days earlier, how I was 48 hours out, a blonde moment perhaps ?
    Geocaching ?
    Just like a big treasure hunt….


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