SDR On The Cheap….Pt 3

This article is over 2 years old..

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Just for your information…..the SDR programs used and mentioned on this blog post are run on Windows. For SDRSharp on Linux see link below. SDR Radio Pro V2 is Windows only !!

I’ve not been as busy in this dept as I should have been due to other radio-based activities. I recently came across a thread in Reddit subreddit RTLSDR where someone had mentioned that Simon Brown’s excellent project SDR-Radio Pro V2 is being used as another program in which the cheap tuner dongles is used. The SDR-Radio Pro V2 is in an ongoing  development state and with the additions of three files is used with the Rafael Micro 820T dongle tuner chip I have played about with whilst using the other excellent program SDRSharp which itself continues to improve with each nightly build. there are ‘plugins’ a plenty for SDRSharp, I have made a list at the end of this post of all relevant links to this blog post. I noticed that the SDR Radio Pro V2 console seen in the image near the bottom of this blog post shows in the bottom left hand corner has my R820T dongle as an EzCap USB DVB dongle with the number 00000013, strange.

Dongle with R820T tuner chip

Dongle with R820T tuner chip

SDR-Radio V2

SDR-Radio V2

I have used the Nooelec upconverter in conjunction with the R820T tuner chip and have had encouraging results down on HF and I will in time integrate this with use in SDR-Radio Pro V2. I must make mention it is V2 of this program that is made to work with addition of the files. I did try v1.5 but nothing until I downloaded and ran V2. I have only been testing on the 2m ham band and on the 88-108 mhz broadcast band and the results are encouraging. SDR Radio Pro has so many ‘bells and whistles’ it will take me sometime to see how they all affect things. I think this may have had more of my time if Cycle 24 had passed but whilst there is still a slight rise in conditions, HF data is taking up most of any radio time.

Upconvertor for SDR dongle

Upconvertor for SDR dongle

There are other SDR programs available but these are the two I have concentrated on.

Tuner chips..

The tuner chip R820T I’ve used is available from EBay and other sources. The original 4000 chip is still available as well as the variants 00012 00013.It is worthwhile checking if there are diodes in line to stop ESD etc ( see R820T image above)

Thanks go to

SDR-Radio Pro v2 created by Simon Brown

SDRSharp created by Youssef Touil.

Both programs are © of their respective creators.



SDR-Radio Pro v2 is HERE (Latest preview at time of writing is 10)

Simon’s blog on the program is HERE ( info on installation and any problems)

Yahoo SDR-RADIO group is HERE

The files required to run the R820T with SDR Radio Pro v2(and other relevant tuner chips) are HERE HERE HERE

Thanks for the above file links go to Michael AA5SH, WCES Inc and Henk PD5DP.

SDRSharp  is HERE

I find the program is best downloaded from HERE

How to run SDRSharp in Linux HERE

SDRSharp Yahoo support group is HERE

SDRSharp IRC support chat is HERE

An excellent guide to install SDRSharp by is HERE

Classic FM (UK) using SDR Radio Pro v2

Classic FM (UK) using SDR Radio Pro v2

Further SDR links

Alberto I2PHD HERE

All the info on tuner chips info HERE

All above links are provided in good faith and are © of their respective creators.

My previous posts on this subject are

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These are a bit dated now but may help….

I’ve posted this info and links in good faith and as usual use at your own risk.

Note that the screen capture image of SDR Radio Pro V2 used showing Classic FM is of a previous build !!

Oh and feel free to contribute.


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  1. invmtb says:
    I’m playing with some assembly language using AVR Studio 4, and I have had some chips delivered – amazing!

    • gm7something says:

      Now you are really going above my head.
      I’m a ‘more experiment with what is there’ person but keep us in touch with what you do…
      Have you looked at Arduino ?
      This site does some amazing stuff
      Did you mention it before ?


      • invmtb says:

        I’ve heard about Arduino… I’ll see how long my latest interest lasts: I’m planning on commencing a MSc at Edinburgh Uni in August, so I should really limit the distractions – except the bike! (;-) Hope that you are well?!

  2. gm7something says:

    Fine thanks..
    Took my wee bike to beyond Linwood this morning albeit on cycle track so getting there….
    Lot of studying ahead, you will need the bike as a release…
    Rather you than me…

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