Blencathra activated the previous day, the sun was shining the sky was blue and the day just couldn’t be wasted by driving or lazing around. Where ?

Latrigg ….

A word with Katie and a quick explanation of how she would enjoy the views over Keswick and beyond. I thought going to the high level Skiddaw car park and then what looked like a easy path to reach Latrigg’s highest spot.

Skiddaw from Latrigg

Skiddaw from Latrigg

We set off from our base in Cockermouth and picked up some eatables on the way. The road to the high level parking area is a well-kept single track but starts to deteriorate as you near the parking area and no words can describe some of the parking you see and as it is where the tourist route starts for Skiddaw and at midday it is jam-packed so we made our way back down the hill and parked in as close to the roadside as we could.

Katie on Latrigg

Katie on Latrigg

A steep uphill start but with knowing Latrigg isn’t the haul of many WOTA/SOTA hills we walked slowly gaining height before heading on to a well made path which skirts the side of Latrigg and soon we were taking in the excellent views of Keswick below us. I had intended of activating this as it is a WOTA (Wainwrights On The Air) summit but due to an intermittent internet connection, I never managed to post an alert.

The walk of just over a mile took no time at all and with a rise of only 337 ft it was more a leisurely stroll after the previous days Blencathra effort. We sat just off the summit area and the next days target hills looked so close.  Some cloud was covering the higher hills to the south and behind us Skiddaw was clear and we could see the conga line of people snaking its way up what is a well made path on its steep start to its ascent.

We had a picnic lunch, this is the way it should be done I must try to encourage this more often instead the usual gulping water and eating another alleged healthy eating biscuit but if I mention anything higher, funny looks fly my way but today I was enjoying this one.

I sat down and using only my 2w 2m FM handie I called and called with no response so it was time to try 4m FM, same as before nothing. I had just switched on my 2m handie and I heard my call sign so I dropped down frequency with Mike BLH who was in the High Rigg area just outside the town.

Keswick and Derwent Water

Keswick and Derwent Water

Mike is the webmaster of the excellent Summitsbase website that you see the image link on the right hand side of this page. You need to register to get the full benefits of this site.

After chatting with Mike it was time to go back and call again but on both bands I could raise no other stations but as WOTA requires only one contact I had activated the hill but I would have preferred more but on a sunny day I think radio would be last choice for many..

It was time to have  a last look at the views as Latrigg is in an excellent situation but I remember my first visit to its top, it would be mid 80s and I was taken up the fell using the direct route  straight up the hillside with a rise of 880 ft in only a 800m climb, I was grateful as this area now was planted out with trees plus this time I guess I cheated.

It was a pleasant easy stroll back to the car and off we drove to get catch some cooler air.

Oh and I never made it out on the next day…..

PS.. I mentioned ‘alleged’ healthy eating bars in the post and not long after I put this ‘live’, I came across this HERE


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4 Responses to Latrigg

  1. 2m0iob says:

    Good to see the XYL dragging you up more hills, mines managed one and it nearly killed her. OK, not strictly true, she also conquered North Berwick Law, but that’s a 15 minute stroll. Anyway, new gravitar, pictures of wummin on your blog, have you come over all funny or something?? Looks like you caught the best of the summer WX with your couple of days away, here’s to many more travels.

    • gm7something says:

      Not only my beloved XYL but the expedition driver/nutritionist….
      One hill left for her to visit, Corlic then she can ‘retire’.
      Gravatar has reverted to my 2009 Chaorach image. Note the blue sky !
      WX ? aye I cracked it…sadly I blew my last days intended hills.
      Still a few hills to be conquered this final part of the year.

  2. ncmncat says:

    Move over Bobby the wummin are coming. Its nice to have one of those kind up the hill with you have a bit of company, (just make sure it a nice day and they have a book or something). Also good for sheltering behind, getting your sandwiches out ready in the pile-ups, pouring the cappuccino. So will she venture up a bigger one? That is the question.
    Well done though.

    • gm7something says:

      It was great to have a bit of company who doesn’t leave the older slower person on the ascent (you know who you are!).
      I’m sure we can fit in some more WOTA fells in next time we head down to the Lakes..nothing too drastic.
      I’ll get a custom made backpack for her…50 litre should be enough…

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