The Long Weekend….

With thanks to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II who this week celebrates her Golden Jubilee and as they deemed to give us a day off in celebration, it has been a long weekend break from work, thank you Ma’am !

Back to the fun in hand, I had a lazy day on the Friday after walking to work. I thought four days ahead and I’m sure I’ll be out.


I had part arranged with fellow blogger Roddy (blog HERE) to visit and play radio from the Lurg Moor trig point but an early rise had shown that one of the regular activators had declared for three of the Mamores so plans were slightly altered to head to a higher destination at just over 1400 ft but after the original post was changed to activate Meall a Bhuiridh, the ski centre hill at the east end of Glencoe. It was a return to the original plan.

5 ele beam

5 ele beam

I set out trying to pre-guess arrival times and arrived 40 mins later having walked to the trig point from my house, just under two miles with a steady rise most of the way, I had the FT 817 and my SLAb in my back pack so much heavier than usual. I quickly erected the beam and settled down to enjoy the day and to await Roddy’s appearance. I knew fellow PARC member Craig HCF would be out on Beinn Ime which I could see to the North of me, the views with the crisp air were superb, the effort of ten minutes walking from the roadside makes this view all worthwhile. Below me and to the west, the urban sprawl of central Greenock with the docks along its waterfront and the vista of hills stretching in a 270 degree direction W to SE and for the other 90 degrees the moorland stretches behind towards Corlic and I could see the Hill of Stake on the boundary of Ayrshire and Renfrewshire.

Roddy soon arrived and it was time to sit and enjoy the radio and talk about this years SOTA expedition to the Lakes. First logged was Craig HCF on Beinn Ime followed soon after by Robin PKT on Meall a’Bhuiridh, eighteen quick points. We decided to sit and enjoy the day and wait for Robin for his move to Creise.

Whilst sitting I heard Neil 2MØNCM working Robin and waited until Neil had got himself organised on Saugh Hill just outside of Girvan, we had a QSO until Neil had to go and help steward a local hill race.  Graeme 2MØGIL was out and about in the Dumgoyne area and called in for a quick chat before he headed off the hill and home, I found out later he had dumped us to head home as it was his wedding anniversary, shocking. Soon after that Jim GLM called in from Stronend to the NE of us so more points in the bag.

There was a slight chill came down just after mid afternoon but Roddy has snuck himself in his bivvy bag and more plans for an overnight stay on a hill somewhere being made.

Greenock and trig point

Greenock and trig point

Robin soon arrived on the summit of Creise and this was a unique for me as I find the hill is snuck in behind higher hills which blocks the signal for me at home. I heard Robin talking to Iain WJZ, Ian was on Sgurr nan Gillean on the Isle of Skye, I could occasionally hear Ian but very weakly so I asked to call him but sadly I wasn’t to be heard, the earlier idea of 1400ft+ would have helped. Oh well !

A good day ‘chasing’ wise and to spend the day just yattering away.

We broke down the antennas and headed the short distance off the hill, Roddy to his car and me ? the long way home (by foot).


More SOTA chasing with a newcomer or a station surprised at the response he got, Stewart STU had called from Ben More in the Crianlarich Alps and later appeared on Stobinnean and in-between his summitting, Robin PKT appeared on Bidean nam Bian the highest of the Glencoe hills, more chaser points in the bag and the push to get 2,000 gets nearer.


Left home slightly after 7 am and headed with the intent of just doing a round walk of approx 7 ml but I looked west as I walked along the B788 and saw Corlic ‘calling’ me so at the substation, I leapt the gate and headed towards the summit and summitted just under 30 mins later, I had sent a text to Roddy IOB who then gave me a call on s20 and we chatted until he had reached his place of work. I called on both 2m and 70cms but no takers, I assumed this was because of the earliness.

The Arran Hills in the distance

The Arran Hills in the distance

I headed off the summit after taking in the views, the outline of Goat Fell was just showing above Garvock Hill, the distant sky to the west and east had a light brown tinge to it this morning whilst to the north it looked dark and threatening, I had seen light rain sweeping across to the south of me but I later headed in that direction passing through the ruined farm of Glenbrae before heading across the dam wall which separates the Higher and Lower Gryffe reservoirs.

I met one of the rangers from the local Centre at Cornalees and spent 15 mins talking about the fly tipping which sadly gets dumped in these out-of-the-way areas, soon I was on my way as the ‘scourge’ appeared and before I could get eaten alive I headed to find someone had ‘removed’ part of a recently erected stile, what can I say ?

Heading now towards home, I now made good time on the tarmac track and as I came out on to the B788, I could see a model (?) airplane doing all the turns and acrobatics so I had to be nosey.

Ready for take off

Ready for take off

I walked down and watched whilst a bigger plane than I expected took off and did its thing. Very interesting. The video below runs for over four mins but rather than editing I just left it intact.

Time to finally head back home along the B788 and along to the base of the Green Rd, up over the golf course and dropped down to home. 10 ml in the bag.

I prefer the old ‘Stobinnean’ instead of the present use.

The Trig Point details are HERE

I would like to thank Wikipedia and other sites I have linked to and of course, you…if you haven’t dozed off by now.


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6 Responses to The Long Weekend….

  1. ncmncat says:

    “I leapt the gate and headed” – clambered and slithered was it not? or are we getting better at this getting over gates thing?

    Liked the video, used to have two models when I was a child but haven’t a clue where they went to. 😦

    We don’t have that problem with rural vandals damaging our stiles etc. we don’t have any stiles

    Liked it.

    Neil 2M0NCM

  2. gm7something says:

    Springheel Bob now…
    TBH I always take care when gates are in the way. Luckily they have installed a new stile just next to where I did my ankle in last year.
    Crazy thing is, this new stile cannot be seen easily from track through old ruined farm.
    Our cooncil has spent money on stiles and signposts although I had to tell bloke erecting the one to Corlic that Corlic was eastwards and not further down the old road to Largs. It is good to see them trying to encourage access to the countryside although now someone has a new wooden step or firewood.
    Ta for the comment.


  3. 2m0iob says:

    Long weekend, long weekend??!!! Whit long weekend?!!!!! Although I work for a Crown Service, the big gaffer – Her Maj’ – did not see fit to decree that we all stayed off work for an extra couple of days. All my weekends are the same length, unless I’m working a Saturday in which case it’s only half as long as normal. OK, have I got everyone feeling sorry for me yet?
    Good to get to a new trig at Lurg Moor and to make the trip to Neil with just the handie and ‘duck. A pleasant afternoon spent lying about the countryside – I can thoroughly recommend it. Will definitely be back there in the not too distant future.
    Roddy IOB.

    • gm7something says:

      Dear Angry of Gourock,

      Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha….those varnish fumes have got to you…

      Cracking wee trig, next visit is to a place with a trig that is not standing there …save that for a good SOTA chasing day.

      Happy of the Port

  4. Iain 'WJZ says:

    A real shame I couldn’t hear you from Sgurr nan Gillean, that would have been a good contact. I’d only taken a telescopic antenna as I wanted eveything inside the rucksack, needed to use the hands a wee bit to get to the summit and thought the beam might be a bit of a hindrance. Obviously I’ll need to go back 🙂

    • gm7something says:


      I was only about 750ft asl but had earlier thought of higher ground (1,400ft asl) as Robin originally posted for three Mamore summits but this hillside is easily walked from home.
      I’ve noticed this QSB effect from hills to the N esp on lower strength signals but only in the summer months. The other time I best remember was yourself on Gulvain last July.
      Agreed, a good excuse to head back.
      The distance was roughly 170km so would have been on the edge given my height but you occasionally were there, very weak but recognisable.
      I’m sure your time on Skye would have been enjoyable.
      I must visit the island.
      Speak soon,


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