(Mar) Radio Days ’12

Doesn’t time fly, folks…

I thought ‘It’s now May’ and did I ‘do’ a March Radio Days ? Nope, mind you I’ve been pretty busy on other projects lately.


Still no activations to report as everything keeps not happening. My fault 99% of the time…

On the ‘Chaser’ front, things have livend up or more to the point, I have reverted to the old working around what is alerted. I was missing too many points.

First contacts of the month were Neil 2MØNCM and Iain WJZ, Neil was my first contact that day from Lamington Hill, I had headed that day to Corlic, more for the exercise than radio. I left the hill but knew Iain WJZ was out on Meall Gainmheich so as I was heading home I heard Iain and after getting everything all tangled up (you needed to be there) I managed to work Iain on what was a lowish point with higher ground between us. I listened in for part of my journey home. A good start to the month.

Beinn Dubh and Mid Hill from Eich

Beinn Dubh and Mid Hill from Eich

The following weekend, I had been out on the trail with Roddy 2MØIOB on our trip to visit the area to the south and west of Hardridge Hill to see the remains of the Grouse Railway (Blog post HERE) when we heard Bob AWV out on Cairn Table to the south of us in Ayrshire. The next day, fellow Paisley club member Craig HCF appeared on Beinn Dubh west of Luss.

I was out on my now regular Sat walk near Kilmacolm when I heard and worked Craig, this time he was on Tinto,  I managed to catch him before I headed back home. On the Sunday both Neil NCM and Robin PKT appeared within minutes of each other, Neil was on Beinn Ruadh in Cowal and further to the North, Robin was on Beinn Odhar, a hill near Tyndrum which has good take off to this area. I worked Neil this time on 4m FM, it’s good to see Neil trying out 4m on FM…

The following weekend, it was all systems go as five activators appeared on the same day. First out the blocks was Robin PKT with two hills over the day, first on Am Bodach then Stob Ban, both in the Mamores area. Craig HCF was on Corse Hill to the SE of me whilst fellow blogger Graeme GIL activated two Rannoch Wall hills, Beinn a’Chreachain and Beinn Achaladair and  Iain WJZ was on what is one of Scotland’s best-loved mountains, the Cobbler or Ben Arthur to give it its lesser known proper name and finally Jim GLM turned up on Meall Reamher. A busy day indeed with plenty points on offer,  gratefully accepted.

The Cobbler (with Beinn Narnain)

The Cobbler (with Beinn Narnain)

On the last weekend , Robin PKT activated one of the Grey Corries, Sgurr Choinnich Mor, a hill with a cracking pyramidal summit. Craig HCF, a busy man in March finished the month off for me with his trip to Ben Venue.

Once again, thanks go to those who ventured out.


Still working between 30m and 10m but good propagation is hiding from me, I read of improved conditions some days but I cannot seem to find it. I’ll stick with it.

Alternating between PSK and JT65, one day success with one and the next day the other. Time to keep an eye on the 6m band I think.

Other Stuff…

As you may have read HERE, I built myself a 7 element 2m beam but in true Bawb fashion, I haven’t tuned it in yet. To be honest, I need to build a bracket for mounting this on to the pole I use for the 5 element beam as it is heavier plus the wind load will be greater.

Antenna work has been the norm, after email activity between myself and Neil NCM of delta loops, I thought to knock up a ‘very rough’ 3 element quad for 2m, initially I tuned in a two element but was surprised to add that first director with no problem, I had cut the pipe to roughly fit the 3 elements only sadly so no more elemnets unless I pick up a longer piece of piping.

On the subject of antennas, I have started using my 5 ele 2m beam from the home or more precise, the front garden. I can rustle it up and working in less than ten mins and of course  it out does my colinear.

Yesterdays Memories…

Alfa Tango

Alfa Tango

Back to late 80s and the 7th Annual Alfa Tango UK Radio Group meeting in Dunfermilne, I had travelled on my trusty motor bike to this and met many faces who I had spoken to from yep, you have guessed it… local hilltops, Corlic ? did anyone say ? no LiPO’s in those days just good old car batteries and my first foray into homebrew beams.

I also proceeded to take home a backpack full of raffle prizes,  a good day out and it was well attended.

Yep, I was 108 AT 459 in those great freeband radio days ( I had passed my RAE earlier but sssh!).

AT is still going strong and you can find their website HERE.

The Patch shown is a scan of the original which I still have…

My thanks to all those web sites I have linked to for further information.

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