(Feb) Radio Days ’12

Another month on…

No SOTA activations to report but with a new kid on the block, Summitbase’s ‘HuMPs’ Awards which brings me to Corlic, my favourite hill is now a HuMP with the title of GM/HSS 088. I activated the hill although this activation was unintentional. Blog post on the activation HERE.

First contact was a ‘mongrel’ summit to summit with Neil 2MØNCM on a SOTA ‘Marilyn‘  Cruach Tairbeirt, I had picked out Corlic to go and work Neil as I before had trouble working another station on the same hill on some lower ground a few weeks earlier, a hill surrounded on 360 by higher hills. I also worked local stations that day locally plus a mobile station going to Carnwath, good going on 2w and the IOB beam. Another hill related facet of our hobby which promotes activity.

Corlic Hill From Dam Wall

Corlic Hill From Dam Wall


Quiet month for me once again as this pounding the local tarmac and green tracks is taking me out of opportunities to work stations who are out, sadly not everywhere has good take off when I’m out. I do try to estimate my walks to take in higher spots but it never seems to work out that way. I’ll take what I can get until hopefully the summer months and lying toasting on a summit waiting.

First station worked was Neil 2MØNCM with the aforementioned contact then later that day I caught Bob AWV who was on the summit of Beinn Dubh on west Lomondside, I caught Bob from the wrong side of the hill as I was leaving the ruined farmstead area at Glenbrae. A good one to get considering location.

Two weeks later, I caught Iain WJZ from Beinn Narnain in the Arrochar Alps, I have promised a visit to this hill since I first worked Neil way in Sept 2009, I’ll get there. Later that day, Craig HCF kept up his recent activation run with my first ever SOTA activating summit, the much dreaded Hill of Stake, this hill is also my nearest Marilyn.

The following week, I headed out and caught Iain WJZ on Broad Law from the trig point just to the east of the local golf course, a regular chasing spot for me. The next day, I caught Bob AWV this time on Meikle Bin, his XYL Eunice UVL was making this a dual activation so two in the log.

That was another quiet ‘chasing’ month for me but I’m sure the miles being walked will stand me in good stead if I manage to get back out activating.


Not much difference in the previous two months, I’m still calling out but not as much as usual. I am mostly on JT65 or PSK as I’ve given OPERA a rest. I did spend some time monitoring for other modes such as Contestia and Olivia but the latter seems to be passing me by. Nothing exciting to report DXCC wise. I seem to miss the better openings.

I’ve trialed Multipsk more specifically for the HF Fax and Acars, sadly the Acars is a limited part of the program but at 20 quid for the full program it could be an excellent addition to my data programs. My present Acars decoding program is complicated to set up but there again it has its advantages over Multipsk.

One wee extra this month..

I came across this article here on Lifehacker HERE.

This is as lightweight as you may get for a wild camp in the wilds, I know you can sleep under the stars but I can’t because the midge family love dining on me….I had a one man tent in my earlier years but believe me, it wasn’t very light. I know those of you who know me personally will wonder how I could even manage to fit into such a small space then…Just read that a mosquito was found in a house locally…oh boy!

Bobby early 1980s

Bobby early 1980s

Which leads me on to a photo that Ailsa my youngest found whilst looking through some old photos, it shows a rather young Bobby Mhor. If I remember correctly this photo was taken on a trip oop north to the Glen Feshie area, the previous week I had done a week’s volunteer work for the RSPB at Insh Marshes, a thing I would say was a worthwhile exercise.

Unfortunately and happily for me, the image on the blog is actual size I scanned. What a beard though !

Once again, thanks to all those sites I have linked to, Wikipedia and others.

Summitsbase has recently started their ‘HuMPs’ awards and many have started activating mostly down south ( England and Wales) on both HF and VHF, the site itself is an ongoing work in progress and by becoming a member you can take part in this exciting venture, the site is one in which you can share your local knowledge for others to learn routes etc. I know some regular readers of this blog are contributors. If you are a Radio Amateur, go register and join in….any queries I am sure an email to one of the team will soon sort you out.

‘Hundred Metres Preference’ or ‘HuMP’

‘HuMPS’ ebook (pdf) HERE


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  1. shugod says:

    Lovely images!


  2. 2m0iob says:

    WOW, a bearded Boaby hahaha. You look like a guy I used to work with, he was called the bearded warrior. Was there stuff nesting in there!!
    Nice report, excellent picture, keep up the good work oh hirsute one. 🙂

    • gm7something says:

      Funnily enough I was called ‘The Prof..yes, Prof’ as someone had said I resembled a mad professor. Aye that beard was home to a pair of ospreys, two Mallards and a Coot…note how slim the Bawb was !
      I was a member of the Scottish Hillbilly radio group in those days, a group of CB (aye!) opos who spent early Sunday mornings running a net from high spots all over the Central belt as far north as Oban, north east as Cairn O’Mount, Carter Bar to the south east and even the occasional visitor from the Pennines. Regular visitors were lighthouse keepers from Seahouses, Ailsa Craig and Southend and a regular was Terry ‘Red Adair’ from Northern Ireland. 11m FM was surprising distance wise on 4 watts.

  3. ncmncat says:

    OMG! The Beverly Hillbillies are alive and well. Long live Grampa Clampitt!!!!

    • gm7something says:

      Jealousy is a terrible thing…
      Not all of us can carry the ‘catalogue’ look..
      I was young then LOL.

      • ncmncat says:

        Wisnae me, it wis her. I’m not old enough to remember The Beverly Hillbillies!
        I was thinking more along the lines of Big Foot! :-B

        Neil 2M0NCM

      • gm7something says:

        I’ll ignore this juvenile comment…
        Just stick to playing ‘Dodgebob’ and don’t blame CNC


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