Rain…More Than Enough

A little ‘wet’ diversion from the usual plethora of radio related posts.

Unless you live outside of Scotland, you will have noticed how wet this month of November has been especially towards the end of the month.

Our local road system has once again been thrown into a nightmare scenario with schools being closed and people not making work due to traffic gridlock….blocked gullies and flooded low lying roads.

A8 Greenock 29th Nov    © Roddy 2MØIOB

A8 Greenock 29th Nov © Roddy 2MØIOB

I took some photographs which show how much water has fallen and in two locations show you the ‘before and today’ images.

Netherwood Bridge

Netherwood Bridge

Netherwood Bridge 29th Nov

Netherwood Bridge 29th Nov

This shows the volume of water that is passing through the old stone bridge, an average flow previously being shown and the difference today.

The River Gryfe had bust its banks and from higher ground you could see how much the surrounding fields had flooded, all part of nature and its forces.

Further downstream at Milton Bridge, I have included two images, the before is of a flow after a days normal rainfall and the one of today shows a much increased flow..

Milton Bridge with moderate flow

The Gryfe in good flow at Milton Bridge

The Gryfe in good flow at Milton Bridge

Milton Bridge 29th Nov

Milton Bridge 29th Nov

Any river needs a good scouring of its river bed occasionally but unfortunately it may have been too heavy a flow for the salmon eggs which have been laid down in the redds in previous months. It is hoped the flows have not affected this.

Netherwood Bridge is at NS 342701

Milton Bridge is at NS 355684

The car on the A8 at Greenock  © Roddy 2MØIOB

The video is of the flow at Milton Bridge


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2 Responses to Rain…More Than Enough

  1. 2m0iob says:

    Nice post, the before and after pictures are very dramatic indeed. The power of Nature can never be under estimated. The car shown in the flood was only one of three stuck within about 100 yards, the ‘deepest’ two were driven by members of the fairer sex.
    Roddy IOB

  2. gm7something says:

    The noise on the embedded video is loud, the volume of water and the speed of it racing is phenomenal. The fairer sex dual ‘sinking’ in the area of your picture could be levelled out by the photo I received of a taxi with its male driver sitting marooned on its bonnet surrounded by water unfortunately the quality or size isn’t suitable for the blog.
    Look on the bright side, it could have been snow….

    Bobby Mhor

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