GM/HSS 088….or Corlic

Corlic is now a HuMP…

it now it has its own HuMP reference number. GM/HSS 088

HuMP means a hill of a relative height of over 100 metres, all Marilyns are HuMPs (Hundred Metre Prominence) , follow this link to for explanations of various hill name types <HERE>.

That over…..

A good weekend forecast meant that Sunday looked possible for a trip to my 1000 ft mast, I would have preferred a trip across the Clyde to a Marilyn but as I was working on the Saturday, I got everything ready for Corlic. It was just as well as I spent Saturday on my feet the whole day, my legs were weary from that and a surfeit of golf in the last week.

Looking toward Dunrod and Hillside Hill

Looking toward Dunrod and Hillside Hill

I woke up and looked out towards the hills to the north, the sky was cloud free and Ben Lomond and the adjacent summits all looked tempting but Corlic was the place I was heading.

The summer hill clothes were quickly looked out, sun cream applied when Katie dropped me off at my usual drop off point. There seemed to be a heat haze already and it was only 11.00 local time ( this UTC throws me out). Climbing over the gate and into a grassy field, I headed towards the next gate where I would be then on open moorland, sadly this ascent has no paths just the occasional sheep trail between the high spots, the marshy bits were just as you would expect in winter but with a good steady rise to the trig point where 40 mins later, I stood at the trig point.

I immediately set up the 2m handie as I knew Robin PKT was due on Creag Meagaidh as I attached the helically wound ‘duck’, I heard a couple of local stations calling Robin. The 2m 5 element beam was quickly made up and attached to the mast and all connections checked, I had just switched the radio on and heard him call. A quick move to another frequency and Creag Meagaidh was in the log.

Looking North and a plethora of Marilyns

Looking North and a plethora of Marilyns

A good contact as the hill is 115 km to the north. I switched back down to wait for Neil 2MØNCM who was heading Cowal way to activate Beinn Mhor at the top of Glen Masson, I didn’t have long to wait as Neil called out, we headed off to a lower frequency and I spoke to Neil between his calls looking for contracts to activate the hill, the four contacts made easily. I heard a ‘break’ station and left it to Neil but it was Graeme 2MØGIL who was calling me from his home QTH in Glasgow. A quick word with Graeme and I left the frequency in Neil’s capable hands and we were visited by Jack COX who was on Dungavel Hill in Lanarkshire, Iain WJZ who was on Goar Bheinn (or Gulvain ) and in between all this activity, the scourge (midges) appeared every time the breeze disappeared and this Bob soon was regretting leaving his midge net at home. They seem to hover in clouds waiting to attack you.

I had a quick word with Jack COX about his ‘fame’ in the Walkhighlands forum, look <HERE> , other walkers have various ideas what we are up to from the summits. So far, I’ve been a weatherman, watching TV, an amateur astronomer listening for the Space Station and the cutest one was a bloke explaining to his daughter that I was broadcasting, true in theory I suppose. I wonder what would have happened during the ‘Cold War‘ period if you had been seen setting up an antenna on say, Beinn a’Mhanaich as it overlooks Faslane Naval base.

Roseneath peninsula and the Cowal Tops

Roseneath peninsula and the Cowal Tops

The hill was quiet today as normally it gets a few visitors on a sunny day, it is the local ‘Trades Fair’ holiday period but after I left, I could see a couple of walkers at the summit.

I had my beam pointing north but strange conditions on Iain’s lowish signal which was peaking and disappearing, at best he was a reasonable signal then it would fade into the noise and the same happened when Robin PKT appeared later on Beinn a’Chaorainn, SW of Creag Meagaidh. I made contact with Robin but the same happened with his signal, the nearest analogy was slow QSB ( fading), I had called back to Robin as he was leaving to try another band and the signal this time was a lot stronger. I thought it was me but no Roddy, 2MØIOB had noticed the same conditions, Roddy was just over a mile to the west of me, strange. Brian HMZ and locally, Steve UAU popped in to work the activators as they appeared.

We had all been waiting on Robin PKT and a comment from Neil’s YL Cat said it was like waiting for Santa. Robin duly appeared and contact made.

We continued to keep the frequency open and then finally it was time to break down the station and head home.

Looking toward the Holy Loch and Beinn Mhor amongst others

Looking toward the Holy Loch and Beinn Mhor among others

The cloud cover had gone by now and the temperature was rising as I made my way through the boggy areas the humidity was overpowering. I had made my way down to the drop off point but as is normal now, I headed down past the old ruins of Harelaw Cottage. I was looking at the hay getting cut when I saw a sheep in distress, it was on its back, okay have your jokes now please. I made my way over and its lamb was by its side. A big ewe so I used my Sota pole to lever her on to her feet but after a couple attempts she eventually righted and made her way back to the flock. My good deed done for the day. Stop tittering please.

I headed across the fields to the bottom half of the golf course, I headed to the rough track which takes me back to the golf clubhouse. I had entertained thoughts of a cold cider but kinda blew this as I had jumped across a  marshy bit but eh, made a boo boo and estimated wrongly, a splash or more a splodge….hmmmm.

As I reached the water tower I knew it was all downhill and soon I was back home, the mud had dried by now.

A great day out with good contacts, my appreciation for those who did the hard work today and climbed high.

On a finishing note, I very rarely mention I am out portable as some stations think I’m on a  SOTA hill, I mentioned it once today and you’ve guessed, a station appeared. Happily Neil was still on frequency…

Photos were taken whilst testing out an new Android app, limited size till I buy or not. I’ve found so far the quality is far superior than the bog standard app supplied with phone…I did take a panorama with my mobile, I have put it on the post but not the best quality I’m afraid.

My route to this hill mostly is from south-east, at 23 secs into the video you can see two groups of trees and my start point is from there.


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5 Responses to GM/HSS 088….or Corlic

  1. 2m0iob says:

    First class pictures from a phone, well done. Yes, QSBtastic that day, glad it wasn’t just me. WX was great, it was a summer to remember hihi.
    Roddy IOB

  2. Iain WJZ says:

    Speaking of unusual conditions, driving home through Glencoe I found a Spanish radio station booming in on the car radio, either short lived or very localised as it dissappeared over Rannoch Moor.

    • gm7something says:


      I always suspected the ‘Kingie’ was a pirate Spanish FM station…

      I wonder if you experienced the same signal effects as Roddy and myself, this was a slow, slow fade in and out and it was more pronounced (with me) on Robin from his second hill as from hearing nothing he would ‘rise’ to approx 55 then disappear again. You being on earlier still had the same effect but obviously a lower signal strength to me, at best I’d say 53 but you were still readable approx 90% of the time. Roddy had the same effect plus I wonder if Steve UAU had the same. Roddy was at furthest 2ml from me plus Steve was directly below where I was albeit 800ft lower, I must ask him next time. Quite possibly it was localised although Neil was 25 km away. QSB at it’s slowest hihi


      Take away the scourge and it was brill just to sit and play radio…no hills this weekend though.

      Bobby Mhor

  3. ncmncat says:

    Good one again and a good day as well.

    I didn’t suffer from QSB but maybe I was just lucky being in the middle of all the action but saying that the QSO to GDland was excellent with no drop in siganls same to Girvan so it could have been localised.

    No hill for me either this week – half marathon to marshal 😦 🙂

    Neil 2M0NCM

    • gm7something says:

      Aye.. a cracking day indeed.

      Days like that make it all worthwhile even Bob Mhor was on a GM/HSS 088 HuMP, still Corlic to me though..

      I’m ‘site crew'(ooh! get her) at the Tall Ships venue for late Sat and mid Sunday this weekend so ‘chasing’ will be limited.
      The weaker signal would be only affected as in Roddy et moi, ces’t la vie !

      Bobby Mhor

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