SOTA UHF Fun Day 27th March 2011

Just a reminder to those not aware of this proposed event taking place in the UK on the date in question. A VHF Fun Day was held on Sunday 2nd January and was a resounding success with stations on ‘Marilyns’ across Great Britain taking part. On 4m FM, I worked into Wales, England, Northern Ireland and of course, Scotland. Roddy 2M0IOB who was with me that day worked all countries also but with STS ( summit to summit) contacts in each.

Take a look at the SOTA website nearer the date and note where the ‘alerted’ stations will be situated, it may be an thought to head to your local high spot and try ‘chasing’ from there. You may be surprised at how far you may reach under normal conditions. If stuck at home, switch to 70cms FM and SSB plus others will be working higher frequencies of 23cm and above.

Put it in your diary as it promises to be an interesting day, weather conditions have of course to be suitable for the activators.

If I am out and about, be sure to say hello !

SOTA ‘Alert’ page <HERE>

Marilyn explanation <HERE>

My blog report on VHF Fun Day <HERE>

Roddy 2M0IOB blog report on VHF Fun Day <HERE>


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