(January) Radio Days

I was most pleasantly surprised to receive a text message asking ‘Have you not got a review to do ?’. I had this ready but just had to add the links and the photo so here we now go.


Just the usual ‘QSO’s plus been working local stations on 4m FM.


Two activations this month, on Sunday the 2nd along with Roddy 2M0IOB, we headed to Beinn a’Mhanaich in the Luss Hills to take part in the SOTA VHF Fun Day. Contacts were made on 4m and 2m including 6 STS (summit to summit) contacts. A cold but very successful day, my blog post <HERE>, Roddy’s blog post <HERE>.

The second activation was my yearly visit to the Hill of Stake which is the highest summit in the Renfrewshire hills. The weather and conditions underfoot were near ideal. One STS to Graeme 2M0GIL who was on a’Mhanaich, Graeme’s blog post <HERE>, my blog post is <HERE>.

Two activations, both enjoyed !

Activation about to go 'live'

Activation about to go 'live'

My other ‘chasing for Jan…

Nobody was active on the 1st so it was on to the VHF Fun Day to activate and chase, amongst those points gathered were Robin PKT on Beinn Iaruinn– 97kms,  Alan XXP on Green Hill – 101 kms,  Neil  NCM on Craigenreoch -103 kms, Derek MIX on Pillar, Lake District – 207 kms, Alun and Barry on Moel Eilio, North Wales – 338 kms.

Good points earned.

Next points came from Bob AWV who was on Corse Hill to the south of Glasgow. Conditions for Bob were horrendous, sitting in the warmth of my shack I felt for them, I did say he was mad! Next up was Ian, the recently anointed ‘Mountain Goat’ who made the effort to walk to the summit of Ben Lawers, a cold and snowy day for him. Next day, more activators were out, first up was Neil , 2M0NCM who took the ferry across the Clyde to activate another Cowal hill, Beinn Bheag, he was quickly followed across the Clyde by Roddy 2M0IOB who took to the Cowal hills and activate Cruach Nan Cuilean, blog post <HERE>, quickly followed by first time activator, Craig ANL who had just recently passed his Foundation licence and was on the Fruin which rises above Helensburgh, he also made his first STS contacts in quick succession with Neil and Roddy. Iain WJZ next appeared on Cruach Ardrain, all four chasers worked in just slightly over an hour, superb!

The month wasn’t over, Brian HMZ visited Ben Bowie and as I write this in early February, the hill now has been activated four times lately. I had previously mentioned that I worked Graeme 2M0GIL STS from the Hill of Stake. The last contact of the month was made from my local hill, I worked Alan XXP on Broughton Heights on both 2m and 4m FM, both of us on handhelds, a cracking contact considering the distance was 85 kms as the crow flies.

This mostly all took place in the last half of the month, good to see so many GM activators out and about esp for us chasers.


Had a call most days on 40, 30, 17 and 15m depending on conditions.

The usual European regulars worked, great fun.

One new DXCC in Moldovia.

WSPR put on back burner just now.


Did some antenna work in my loft space, more to come on that. The SOTA ‘winter bonus’ period finishes mid March so still hoping to head out sometime until then and activate another summit, hopefully the weather will stay steady. I’m thinking of extending my ‘stealth’ dipole but only a thought at this present time.

Thanks to Neil 2M0NCM for pointing out the correct date for the ending of the activating Winter bonus.


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  1. ncmncat says:

    Yeah another good review. Plenty of points for you as chaser and activator, wish I had the chance to get more chaser points from home but have to rely on getting most of my chaser points from the summits.

    P.S. bonus points end 15th March so you have an extra 2 weeks to get those hills in

  2. GM7something says:

    I’m fortunate where I live but I still like to head on to my local hills to chase points as it certainly beats sitting waiting on them coming to me.

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