2010…that was the year that was…part two

Now where were we..

ah, Part Deux..

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas time and Santa brought all you wanted. Any surprises radio equipment wise ? or was it socks, socks and more socks ? although a good pair of socks can be handy for the walking part of our hobby. Me ? I’ll look at least like a golfer for another year.

Back to reality…


I’m still on the bands occasionally, I will nip on most days but generally send out some PSK and see if the band is open.

I spend most time around the 17m during daylight hours, the ‘stealth’ dipole I use is not the best on this band but I still get results. I keep an eye on 12m as there is occasional openings to eastern Europe mid morning onwards and across the pond mid afternoon. I unforunately suffer from heavy localised QRM on HF.

The usual contacts into Europe, the odd one into Africa, the Asiatic area, North America and a solitary trip into Australia last January. South America still eludes me but hopefully I’ll make the trip in 2011 to give me all the DXCC continents.

I use eQSL as my main QSL exchange, cheap and cheerful and in most cases, instant. I upload my logs to LoTW with slightly over a 10% return rate. eQSL would mushroom in popularity if the ‘big two’, the ARRL and RSGB would allow them for DXCC awards. Sadly not, it is allegedly open to ‘ misuse’ although I’m sure you can still ‘fake’ paper QSLs, I’m sure. A proverbial minefield, you see supporters of each method ‘clash’ on most radio related forums.

I worked some portable HF, mostly on Corlic whilst having a ‘test’ of the rybackov type vertical, I only worked 5mhz (60m) with other portable stations, results were as I expected. Some QRP work was tried on 40m and 20m but apart from a localised 20m contact, nothing although I never really spent much time on air as there were SOTA activators on VHF at the same time.

Rybakov Vertical

Rybakov Vertical

Report for the year ? ‘Must try harder’


I finally got round to seriously get organised on this mode during late ’10 and find the results on it are interesting, using 5 watts you can literally travel world wide, surprising results can be and have been had with milliwatts, I would advise you go have a good delve into their website and forum, interesting reading.

The outlook for 2011..

Hopefully the higher HF bands shoiuld come into their own to be worked on a regular basis. I can remember well the sunspot maximum in the ’80s on the higher HF bands, it was phenominal, I know as 11m allowed me to work each continent on a near daily basis, it is worth looking forward to this happening.

Having more than a wee look at Worked All Britain (WAB), I’ll investigate further…

It can get really confusing now with CASHOTA, MOTA( Mills on the air), POTA( Pubs on the air), IOTA and on and on…

SOTA wise…

Hopefully to reach 100 activator pts, a total not grand in the scheme of things but would be a personal milestone and the main priority is to reach 1,000 chasing points, still over 300 pts to go so it may be 2012 before I achieve this magic total.

I will still ‘do’ the odd operating visit to Corlic and some other local hills. HF/p who knows.

Looking forward to making contact with the regular readers of this blog and harvesting the SOTA chasing points from you.

The end of my inane ramblings for another year….53 posts, now that is what I call rambling.

Hope the year 2011 is a good one for you in all contexts.


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