Let us give it it’s proper name..

Weak Signal Propagation Reporter

I’ll let the Wikipedia article tell the history <HERE>.

My first look at using this mode was in mid ’09 but had initial set up problems, I had unknowingly fixed those (a blonde moment, perhaps ?) and had on the last occasion, operated in both TX / RX  modes unwittingly, this was on 6m (50Mhz). I hadn’t read the blurb properly.

Everything is down to time, you must calibrate your computer time clock, I use this <HERE>. Please remember to have an active antivirus running when downloading.

I recently logged back on to the WSPRnet site <HERE> in early September ’10  and decided to get my radio set up to operate with 5 watts, I got it all set up and proceeded to use the software. I tend to broadcast at 25 % of the time, the rest is spent receiving, once everything is tuned , it automatically works away in the background.

I intend at some point to set up the FT817 and set the power to 500 mW.

WSPR Activity 18th Sept '10

WSPR Activity 18th Sept '10

I normally work on 30m or 20m, if you take a look on the ‘Activity’ page it shows the call signs of which stations are ‘active’. These bands are well supported. I will leave it running for multiples of an hour if possible. I watch the program window for updated stations which I am receiving, for all information including who is hearing me, you have two choices, firstly , the ‘Map’ which you can configure to your own callsign, band etc , just click on ‘update’ occasionally to see how you are doing. Secondly, there is the ‘Database’ which as in the map you can set up with various personal options.

On the main page of the website , at the top left hand corner, there is a ‘Propagation Activities’ section which highlights activity days on certain bands.

Hopefully a method of logging your TX / RX contacts will come available.

It shows you what could be achieved on a near level playing field although power output is up to the individual user although 5 watts seems to be the norm.

Go on, have a look at the website and see if it is for you.

Click on each photo for larger image.

Just a reminder, all downloads or websites recommended here are that, a recommendation. It is your choice to follow. ( A bit harsh sounding but you know the blurb). If downloading a program, scan the file after downloading for both virii or malware( although most antivirus programs will do this in real time.

I use Avast Free Antivirus  <HERE> and Malawarebytes Free Anti-Malware <HERE> although there are many similar programs on the market.