Another Visit To My Fiefdom

Yes, it’s that hill again…

The forecast on Saturday afternoon looked good for the Sunday, I waited until the early morning to make a decision. It was thick with fog and wet early Sunday morning, all was off.

The morning still was foggy but mid morning started to clear slightly, I decided to head to Corlic, on two points, a GM activation on 5mhz was posted and also be prepared for any 2m SOTA. I had to check if my 60m attempt on Ben Bowie was due to poor propagation or the vertical antenna was inefficient on 60m.

The winter bag was packed but was still weighty with the 12v SLAb inside it. I took along the 4m and 2m handies and as I set off on the ascent, I switched on 2m FM and listened on the ascent. I had expected the ascent to be pretty mucky but was surprised it was no wetter than usual. I slogged through the marshy bits ( there are no paths or tracks) via the usual high spots until I arrived at the summit. It felt good to be back here again. As I said in a previous blog post, I must have first stood on this summit almost half a century ago.

I placed down the equipment in the usual spot, just 10 m to the east of the trig point. I had a quick word with a walker who had arrived just before me, he had taken the track from the west.

I started to quickly erect the Rybakov vertical, just in time to catch Andy, FMF on 5mhz on top of The Sow Of Atholl (also known as Meall an Dobharchain) near the Pass of Drumochter, I called in on his QRZ and made the contact immediately, we passed signal reports etc and I left Andy working into England and Northern Ireland. I listened until he departed for his next hill.

Rybakov vertical

Rybakov vertical

I then put up the 2m JPole and gave a few calls but no one came back to me but I had heard a G0 station in talk with a G1 in the Lake District but to my rescue came Roddy 2M0IOB, he called me and we had a ‘ragchew’ then just as Roddy was leaving, a mobile station heading into Kirkintilloch called in, a quick exchange of reports and I then had a good prowl through the 2m band, FM and SSB, still nothing.

I then listened in on HF and as it was contest day, 40m and 20m was buzzing with virtually none of the allocated voice band free. Time to have a quick scran break, I listened to HF but then not long after, I broke down and packed up the equipment.

I called home and arranged to get picked up at my start point, I had intended a walk round to the Lurg Moor Roman Fortlet but seeing how the mist was still hanging over the river I just headed back down the usual route.

It seems I broke down to early, a few regulars to the blog were out and about not long after I departed the summit, ces’t la vie.

A fantastic day weather wise, the bands ? 2m and 4m very, very quiet. My thanks to Roddy for the QSO.

I normally wouldn’t have done another panorama for this hill but if you look closely, you can see an inversion in the river valley and also towards Kilmacolm.


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