(September) Radio days


Not much to report for September, still pretty quiet but hopefully with the long winter nights fast approaching, we may see more activity.

SOTA Activity…..

One activation this month.

Helensburgh and the Clyde Estuary

I decided to revisit Ben Bowie which is my nearest ‘Marilyn’ albeit it 10km across the river estuary from me. The report is the previous post to this one on the main page so I won’t waffle on too much except to say it was an excellent day to sit and contact the regular ‘chasers’ of the area. Contacts were made on 4m and 2m. Mention must go to Steve UAU who ‘spotted’ me on my 60m attempt and 2m.

The regulars were out as normal, first points ‘chased’ this month was from Terry, a G0 station who was activating Gummers How in the Lake District, this contact was made on 60m. The following day our fellow blogger Graeme, 2M0GIL who activated from a cloud covered Cruach Ardrain. You can read Graeme’s blog post on his activation <HERE>.

On the 12th of the month, Neil, 2M0NCM travelled northwards to eliminate another Cowal ‘virgin’ summit in Cruach Neuran, high above Innellan.  There is another ‘virgin’ summit nearby, I wonder which of our ‘virgin’ hunters will ‘bag’ this first. Neil’s blog post on the activation is <HERE>. I see Neil is also a member of the ‘Fuuny Hat Club’

Mid month, Neil was out once more, heading northwards to tackle and activate Cruach Ardrain, thoughts of Nevis were toyed with but Nevis had already been posted on the SOTA Alert page but after it all, the lad who was to activate Nevis got to the top and conditions were not conducive to activate so he headed back down off the summit. Neil was like Graeme previously, a cracking signal from Cruach Ardrain.

The last chaser points of the month was a STS (Summit to Summit) with Neil, 2M0NCM who ‘activated’ Beinn Each, a four pointer in the Trossachs area.


Nothing much to report this month. I have only been using the 60ft N/S stealth dipole antenna in my loft space, having spent most of the month listening and occasionally working around the bands, 40m is the most consistent band, 30m and 20m come next, 15m then 17m. I may just set up another stealth dipole cut for 17m, my favourite band.

I did work some short inter G skip on 40m with two Scottish contacts, one in the Fife area and the other on Orkney.

Still experimenting with WSPR, mostly still on 30m, interesting reports received. I have been using this mode around 7am to 8am and 5pm – 7pm, working into mostly Europe with the occasional trip to the East Coast of North America. I must try other time bands.


Royal Mail did us proud, I received an envelope containing a SQ9 (Poland) station QSL card. It had been addressed with only my name and town , no street address but the ‘Pony Express’ got through with my card, well done !


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