Oh No…it’s Corlic again….

I know….


This time with a twist,

I decided on an evening walk rather than spending the night either in front of my computer or watching more sport on television. Euan was heading into Greenock so I got him to drop me off at the private road at NS 270738 which heads east just passed the Whinhill golf course in the hills above Greenock, the ‘main’ road is a single track known as the ‘Old Largs Road’.

I headed E this time as all my ascents of Corlic on this blog have been from the E, the track is a tarmac single track until it reaches a MOD radio relay station then it returns to a classic stony track,  Crawberry Hill is now on your left ,the Gryffe dams in the valley to the south,the track then forks , if you take the track south you come across ruins of a cottage ( Burnhead Cottage) and a farm (Glenbrae Farm) both were inhabited until the late 80s but now both lie in ruins. Just before you pass Whitelees Cottage, you see on the hillside the 2nd world war built  Whitelees Decoy station.

To the SE of  Burnhead Cottage are the ruins of the original ‘Corlick Farm’ which was in noted to be in ruins in the mid nineteenth century. You carefully cross a small burn, climb over the stile, on the later part of this track, you will occasionally see a black cable which once led(or does ) to a green GPO Junction box in literally in the middle of nowhere. I had a quick look but could not see the box, photo <HERE>. I thought at first that this ‘cable’ had been part of the wartime activity which had gone on in this moorland area but the cable is of a recent design. Why ?

You now strike for the top which has approx 190ft of ascent above you, there is a faint path but you quickly reach the triangulation point. I called out on 2m FM but no takers also a quick CQ on 4m FM but no takers, both FM bands were quiet with nothing heard. I now headed NE and found the way off the hill was occasionally marshy and with knee deep heather to move through. I reached the B788 and walked N until I reached the Knocknairshill Dam.

I walked across the dam wall and headed E to the Harelaw Dam which was showing its bare bones as it was only 30% full of  water. I walked eastwards across grassy farmland until I reached the ‘Green Road’ at Port Glasgow Golf Course, I started down the track and reached home 10 mins later.

The walk ?

8.2 km long (5.1 mls), walked for just over two hours.

I’ve included a Slideshow for the first time, I would really appreciate if you leave a comment whether you prefer individual photos or the Slideshow…your call as you are the reader !!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For any Inverclyde resident interested in local history of the local moorland area, have a look <HERE>


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3 Responses to Oh No…it’s Corlic again….

  1. 2m0iob says:

    Nice one again Bobby. Liked the slide show, quicker to look at than clicking on individual pictures and waiting for them to pop up. Good link to the historical sites which I’m going to take time to look up using O/S maps etc to find the places. There is also a disused minature railway in the hills above you which was built by Scott or Lithgow ( possibly the latter ) for his shooting parties. Will send you a link if I find it again. Cheers, 2m0iob

    • gm7something says:

      The disused miniature railway,
      I ‘played’ on it when I was younger, there was a hand cart just like in ‘Blazing Saddles’, I have been on the moor looking for it (about 20 yr ago) but found only the odd track, there is a ‘station’ at one point, if I remember correctly built by Sir William Lithgow for his grouse shooting parties, it gave work to his shipyard employees during a shortfall in shipbuilding. I was actually intending heading that way in the near future.
      I spent my later primary school summer holidays in the local hills.
      In all that time, not much changed.
      Have you ever been to the site of the ‘Roman’ fort ?
      I see a blog post coming here LOL.

      Oh and Graeme, 2M0GIL has liked the slideshow, I guess it does create a focal point. Ill run with it.
      Onward to the ‘Fell’ !!!!!


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