(June) Radio Days

I know this is a bit late but it is holiday time, well you know what I mean…

A quick update, our fellow blogee, Roddy 2M0IOB has queried who Alex is ( see photo below) and about the padlock on the trig point.

The said padlock

The said padlock

He is a pal and work mate, the man who started the Ben Lomond expedition ( Expedition – a bit dramatic but hey, it sounds good ).

The padlock seems to be a mystery but see my separate blog post ‘Ben Lomond Trig Point Padlock’ <HERE>


Pretty quiet, spoke to 2M0IOB Roddy on occasion. I’ve not had radio monitoring S20 due to some computer project work.

SOTA activity for June.

Now this was a busy month as many stations took advantage of the dry conditions to activate.  I managed to activate Ben Lomond mid month, a pleasant ascent on a perfect walking day.

Alex at Ben Lomond Trig point

Alex at Ben Lomond Trig point

First out of the blocks was the afore mentioned Roddy, 2M0IOB who activated Beinn Mhor, a hill in the Cowal area, a virgin SOTA summit , no less. Later that day, I made contact with Bob, a local MM1 station who was activating Ben Lomond, Lomond has been busy this early part of ’10.

Activity was quiet until Neil, 2M0NCM, a well kent regular on this blog activated two hills in the Lomond area, as an aside, I can see both these summits from where I type this. Neil firstly activated  Binnean Nan Gobhar then Beinn Uird,  these hills have normally a wet walk in but with the dryish winter and spring this was an ideal time to activate them.

Later that day, it was good to hear Caroline, a (M)M3 station back holidaying in GM land with her other half Martin, a (M)M1 station. Caroline was on Meall Corranaich in the Lawers area.

Two days later, I next caught Caroline on Meall Ghaordaidh, a summit in the Glen Lyon area. 48 hours later, I caught both her and Martin on Schiehallion on 2m SSB. Many thanks for the contacts and the chasing points !! haste ye back.

The last week of June then got busy, firstly oor Roddy 2M0IOB continued his activation of Cowal summits with a trip to Sgorach Mor,  another virgin activation and later that day, Robin GM7, another blog regular activated Schiehallion. The following day,  our fellow blogger Graeme, 2M0GIL climbed and activated An Caisteal, Graeme had to suffer pretty poor conditions weather wise. Link to his blog below. It was a day for the regulars, Neil made his way north to Ben Lui, the weather conditions had improved later that day.

The last chaser points for the month were gotten from Robin, GM7 who activated both Ben More and Stob Binnean in one trip.

A busy month indeed.


Nothing great to report, mostly European stations with the odd outside Europe station. A few contacts into the south coast of England. The European PSK Club had  special event stations operating in all European ( and other) countries so a fair part was spent chasing the special calls.

New DXCC country was Jersey.

Blog links – Roddy 2M0IOB <HERE>

– Graeme 2M0GIL <HERE>


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2 Responses to (June) Radio Days

  1. 2m0iob says:

    Another quality blog post from the master. Nice pic of Alex at the summit of GM/SS-011, but who is he? Very little info on Ben Lomond post about him. Is he licenced, or does he just put up with all this radio nonsense? The padlock on the trig point, wonder how long it’s been there and by whom?
    Good link to Vango, got me salivating, think I might be able to put up a good case for a new ruckie. What size do you use? The 35L looks to be plenty big. Got a 15L karrimor but it can struggle once extra clothing is flung into the equation. Also got an old vango sherpa 75, must be close on 20 years old – done the WHW a few times ( not just with me ) but a touch too big at times for lugging up the hill. Couple of hills in the draft section of the blog, should appear in the next week or so – keep your eyes peeled!!! Cheers and catch you later. 2m0iob.

  2. gm7something says:

    The Alex fella is a pal and work mate. I’m off sometime this month to a higher plane with him. Radio? nope, just someone who enjoys the Scottish countryside. It’s more a Blackadder and Baldrick thing….I’m the wee guy.
    Have viewed your Cairnsmore piece, I noted the gap in your activation times LOL. I’ll be in touch regarding the cheeky little rucksack.
    Look forward to the posts.


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