Sssssssh…it’s me !!

Lets hope yer man Bobby isn’t looking as I write this post….its me, his trusty old rucksack.



I’ve been used by Bobby ever since he started doing this SOTA stuff, I will give him his due, the big fella picks good walking weather as he knows I also hate getting wet, although the trip to Meikle Bin was made in drizzle but I will forgive him the one lapse.

We  (him really) have struggled up the steep sides of hills and then dawdled down many a descent. I’ve carried all his radio equipment and all his odd and sods. Just as well he never likes having a heavy rucksack so there is always plenty of space and I never have to strain myself. I’ll let you into a secret, his big weakness is chocolate and he always carries a bottle of Diet Coke ( Diet ? I know) as well as bananas, lots of them. I dread moving through a forest hihi. Life has got a bit easier as he now uses a Camelbak for his water supply instead of stuffing plastic  bottles inside of me.

He generally carries the main radio equipment in a sealed plastic tub, a fleece jacket in case it gets a bit chilly for him as he is quickly approaching that age and needs his comfort plus coax cables and a camera.

He manages to attach his telescopic mast and beam to me, occasionally if he is really serious, he will carry a SLAb but I have no worries as it is sealed, he really takes good care of me and will occasionally give a me a good whirl round in the washing machine when we get home. When I’m dry, he tucks me in to a cool, dry dark cupboard where I pass the time snoozing until he needs me again. I get the odd run out to a local hill which still entails carrying the same equipment. He lets me sunbathe and rest while he operates his portable station. I definitely prefer the summer to the winter. He supports a local business as I’m a Vango rucksack.

I’m not a ‘kiss and tell’ type but the stories I could tell about our ‘wanderings’…..

I guess I’m really lucky to have a bloke like him to carry me about.

What about that hat though ? bit naff, eh ?

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