Corlic Visit – First of 2010

The weather recently has been very hot (22c at midday today), I had planned to do a SOTA activation but other priorities took place plus the hot weather would have made ascending hard work. I’ll wait for cooler days ahead.

Corlic looked as if it would be a dry underfoot walk in, there are usually many wet areas on the ascent, our local area is one of the wettest in the UK and it shows on the hillsides but after a reasonably dry winter, the going today was dry. I got dropped at the east side of the Hill, no paths here just rough heathery terrain at times.

I had decided that HF portable today, I would test the ‘Rybakov’ type vertical antenna, the lower frequencies were targeted today plus I could test out the SWR etc, I will expand more on this in a follow-up blog post.

Rybakov Vertical

Rybakov Vertical

To this effect, I had pre-charged the 12v 7ah SLAb and packed my atu.

I set up on the E side of the summit, the 8m pole was swaying in the stiff breeze but I got it all set up and ready, I used the FT 817 so power was 4-5 watts only which can be low on the HF bands. I called out on 14.285 and up popped Steve, our regular GM7 station from just down the hill, we had a quick exchange and I left Steve waiting on a OK1 SOTA activator.

I moved up and down the frequencies checking SWR etc,  on 7 and 14mhz,  I could hear many European stations, 7mhz was quieter but the strong European stations were on 14mhz.

I was checking the SOTA Spots page and noted that Allan, a MM1 station was due on Carn Mor Dearg so I had a break for water, the sheltered bit where I had set up was by now, baking !!.

Whilst waiting on Allan, Barry a GM4 station called out from Geal Charn on 5mhz, 5mhz is a band that is under NOV (Notice of variation) in the UK.  This was to be my first use of mine, I waited then called in and spoke to Barry and when Allan called in and moved frequency, I followed and got the contact, Allan had been on Ben Nevis earlier in the day but  I missed him.

Corlic Hill from the S

Corlic Hill from the S

I spent time checking through the bands which needed the atu and tuning them in.

The sun was getting much hotter so I decided to head home, a phone call and an arranged pick-up then I headed SE down a poorly marked path which disappeared a lot. It was a welcome change of route.

Reasonably happy with this outing, I never persevered long enough trying to work any HF stations, I’ll leave that for another day….

Info :

Corlic (or Corlick) Hill is a HuMP ( Hundred Metres Prominence) and has a Drop of 105m.

A short explanation of UK hill categories <HERE>

Rybakov is a Russian word meaning ‘fisherman’ I’m informed.

As with most photographs on the blog, feel free to click on them for the original sized picture.


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