International SOTA Weekend May 1st and 2nd

A late reminder to all,
the ISW is scheduled for the weekend of 1st and 2nd May, many associations and individual activators have declared their intentions of operating.
Almost all bands and modes will be in operation, I’m sure you will be able to ‘chase’ someone in your favourite band or why not, go hunting the activators.
Information of who is ‘activating’….

<SOTA Alerts page>

For updated ‘Spots’ ( this lets you know which ‘frequency and mode’ the activator is using)

<SOTA Spots Page>

I will only be ‘chasing’ myself, hopefully from the local ‘tops’…..

Have fun and enjoy the SOTA spirit…..


2 responses to “International SOTA Weekend May 1st and 2nd

  1. Hi Bobby,
    I SHOULD be activating myself at the w/e, not sure if Sat or Sun, but it should be a 6 pointer. Patsy may be coming along, but not sure how his work is going. Speak to you STS hopefully.

    • Roddy,

      Nice one !!!
      I’ll look out for you, I’ll be ‘chasing’ all weekend…
      6pt’er ? I’m impressed.


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