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I’m Bobby GM7something, based in the West of Scotland on the banks of the Clyde. This is a collection of my inane ramblings of my hilltop and other radio work as it happens.

I’m 57, married with a receding hairline, expanding waistline, three goldfish and three kids.

I first started hilltop operating during the old 11 meter days in the early ’80s, both on the legal and not so legal frequencies. I passed the old RAE examination in 1989 but I ‘left’ amateur radio during 1990 and returned 18 years later at the very end of 2008. I came back to a slightly changed hobby to what I had left although the basics are still the same…..

Presently ? I’m mostly using ‘data’ modes  but participating in WSPR.

Presently a member of the Paisley Amateur Radio Club, GQRP club, EPC and DMC.

I would appreciate if you would leave a comment whilst you visit my blog.

This blog is more a diary of what I do in the hobby,  the fun, the ‘blips’ and the ‘busting my ass’ getting up some of these hills.  The achievement of getting there and the views from the Scottish tops are unsurpassed. It’s worth a go. Scottish mountains may be ‘pimples’ on the global scale but wherever you travel, you will never find panoramic views like ours.

You won’t find any opinionated posts or Amateur radio news here, this is just WYSIWYG with a bit of fun thrown in.

If you like my blog, pay regular visits, if not, c’est la vie !!!

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I’m now on Echolink…my node number is 493825, available most evenings (UK time !!!), please feel free to ‘call’ me

All outside links…are posted in good faith

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64, married, three kids......overweight, unfit, folically challenged, need I go on ?
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