Haunted or being watched ?

Whilst looking at the photos I had taken on the Hill of Stake activation, I noticed a strange object on one of the photos, I opened it into ‘Windows and Fax Viewer’ ( I’m still using XP )and zoomed in on the light blue area left of middle in the photo, go on try it !!!

See below photo for details for ‘How to’

Hill Of Stake Mine Track End

Hill Of Stake Mine Track End

Click on the photo, save the larger version and have a closer look using ‘Windows Picture and Fax Viewer by right clicking on image and choosing ‘Open with’.

Is it a ghostly miner ( is that his lamp still on ? ) or is it someone watching me from afar perhaps?

You decide……

The official interpretation in the GM7something household is that it is just ‘Lens Flare‘ but I’m not too sure…

Your thoughts ?

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