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On the last day of January, GM SOTA activators were out in force and as usual, after reading the SOTA ‘alert’ page. I decided to head to the high point behind the QTH,  I had deliberately headed earlier than most of the 2m FM/SSB ‘activators’ had posted because Alan, a MM0 was intending to activate East Cairn Hill in the Pentlands and had posted in his ‘alert’ he would be monitoring 4m during the activation.

Southish from Beinn a'Mhanaich

Photo courtesy of Neil 2M0NCM (Click on photo! )

Arriving at the trig point, I first rigged up the 4m Jpole on the 7m fibreglass pole and left the 2m handie  monitoring S20 as Neil, 2M0 was soon to activate Beinn a’Mhanaich which is only 20km away. I  called CQ on 70.450 and after a second call, I made contact with Alan who was ascending the hill, I had a quick chat and said I would call him and make  contact when he had reached the summit. The first 70mhz QSO !. I later spoke to Alan on the summit.

I scanned 2M FM looking for Neil and also Graeme , our fellow blogee who was activating  Beinn an t-Sidhein (Blog post HERE) and I called out on S20 and caught Steve, GM7 from Greenock on S20, we moved down frequency and soon, Robert, GM4 popped in from the top of Tinto Hill, his regular haunt and with his battery running low, he left to look for any STS’s (Summit to Summit). Next to pop in was Neil who had travelled up from South Ayrshire  to activate Beinn a’Mhanaich. Neil’s YL, Catherine accompanies him on almost every activation, no doubt the ‘heavy’ equipment will have been loaded into her rucksack. I hung about until later looking for Graeme but with the cold and other pressing matters left the hill and headed home.

Photo © 2010 by Neil, 2M0NCM. All rights reserved

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