4m handie….

Model shown is the UHF version

SOTA activations using 4m (70mhz) have taken off since the introduction to the radio market of a Chinese handheld radio manufactured by Wouxun ( pronounced Wooshin, I’m told) , the model number is KG699-E, the radio has a operating frequency range of 66 – 88mhz.

UK radio amateurs have an allocation on 4m (70mhz) from 70.0 – 70.5, in the band plan (see HERE) there is an allocation for FM simplex operation with a FM calling of 70.450mhz. Frequency space obviously is limited for FM operation but as activity is low in most areas, this should not be a problem.

I recently purchased one of the above handies and have built a 4m J-Pole using 300 ohm ribbon cable, I have used the dimensions HERE for the J-Pole and had no problems, I will have to get out portable to try everything out although my home is 450ft ASL, I have had the handie on monitoring 70.450 but nothing has been heard yet, I think I may have to keep this for use for SOTA activations.

You may ask why did I buy this handie, the truth is, it was a ‘sale item’ from HERE, the handie is easily available on EBay but the shop price was over 25% off the general price charged on EBay.  I cannot resist a bargain.

It arrived 9 days after I ordered it, which was excellent considering I ordered it 10 days before Xmas.

There is a specialist website and forum HERE for 4m operation.

as usual, more to follow.


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