(November) Radio Days


Once again, nothing much to speak off. A few local contacts with Graham, MM0 from Helensburgh, local activity still quiet. Once again no SOTA activation due to family business. Hopefully something may get organised throughout the Xmas holiday period. The GM3CS repeater has had it’s problems lately but I’ll let you find the relevant blogs yourself, I cannot pick up CS at home.

I SOTA ‘chased’ only 2M0, Neil who activated Beinn Chaorach, with the clarity that morning, I scanned Neil’s route from my home location with powerful binoculars but couldn’t see anything, I guess at 18kms away, I maybe expected too much, this was the only one for November.


20m was the main place again with the odd visit to 30m. Nothing sensational to report just the normal European and the occasional contact outside Europe, conditions were mostly flat so any contact was welcome. I find a few stations who worked me as GAsomething are now working my GMsomething call.

I did some work on the antenna front but more still has to be done before I try some portable work with the FT 817, the weather in November was possibly the wettest month on record, December has started with a few dryish days though.


I’ve been pouring over maps looking at possible ‘Marilyn’ targets for next year and have some activations planned, all I need now is the weather and the time in 2010.

I was looking into the possibility of some ‘wild’ camping, in days gone by, it was just camping..are we getting too soft ?

Let’s hope 2010 has an increase in HF activity, some ‘lifts’ have been noted over the last few months, let’s hope it improves, if you want to check the current info HERE

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