(Recent) radio days

(Recent) Radio days…..what have I done ?

Some PSK. some RTTY and monitoring S20 (145.500). S20 has had virtually no activity all week long, the odd call though usually someone calling specifically for a friend but no general CQ calls but spoke to a couple of local stations including Roddy 2M0, a regular mentioned on here , as I write this, it is still quiet. Hopefully activity will rise throughout the winter months or should I just accept they are avoiding me ? HI.

Did some Data, PSK31 to be precise, three shortish sessions…

Added these to the country list, Liechtenstein, Slovenia, Macedonia and the Balearic Islands now up to 42 countries (30 confirmed), the  usual European wide contacts with Asiatic Russia and the USA showing occasionally. I was mulling over leaving the band when all of a sudden, I sent out a CQ and a W7 station in Montana came back to my call, we had an excellent  ‘convo’ for over 20 mins, it made a nice change from the usual ‘wham bam’ contacts. It was ‘hairy’ trying to type as the post was being sent, I’ve now set up a macro to help cover this. If you are reading this, thanks Frank.

I’ve mentioned pskreporter in other posts, this is an essential website for anyone using psk, the fact is that then you know how the propagation is … I noticed from the last operating day pskreporter map, I was being ‘monitored’ in GM land in the North East and also in middle G land, only one SWL report so far and that was from a SWL in the Dodecanese Islands off Greece. Worth using especially it is included now as an option of DM 780 but personally I prefer to still use pskreporter in the Firefox browser

I had some noise affecting the area of the psk allocated frequency on 20m so I moved up to ‘listen’ to some RTTY, I set up the radio and made a couple of calls and et voila! worked a Italian IZ0 and a Portuguese CT1 station. I’ll check out more RTTY stuff as I go along.

No SOTA was planned for this weekend as weather conditions on Sunday were forecasted to be windy with a little rain ( update : it turned out a perfect day, breezy but coldish ), Saturday was spent playing (or trying) golf and football later in the day.

The family are planning next years holiday to EA5 area, I wonder if I could take some radio equipment ?

A final thought….

Two pieces of wire…….. isn’t it amazing what you can’ do’ with them?

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