Corlic Hill, Portable 13/9/09

Looking W

Looking W towards Dunrod Hill and the Cowal Hills

The weather was fine and the golf had been cancelled so I returned to one of my old favourite ‘tops’, Corlic Hill 996ft ASL above Greenock.


I had known of Graeme’s, 2M0GIL, intention to SOTA activate Stob Binnean in the Crainlarich Alps area so why not get myself to a local ‘top’. I packed everything I had unpacked the previous evening and then got dropped off about 1.75 km from the summit, the ascent was very boggy due to the wet summer we have had and was quite a slog through heather and reeds to arrive at the summit, I moved then to my usual spot just below the summit on the east side of the hill, if I extend the pole/mast to it’s full height, the beam is just over 1000 ft ASL.

I was setting up when I heard Graeme calling on S20, made the contact, another 10 chasing points !!!, I then finished setting the beam etc, I must admit I had brought the FT 817 with an external SLAbattery but DOH !!!forgot the power lead connection colours, the 817 has no reverse polarity safety built in so it stayed in the rucksack, the old faithful Puxing 888 was called into service again.

I listened to Graeme making some excellent contacts into South Cumbria, GI land and to Walney Island in Cumbria (G land). I heard though for the first time, a station from Islay making contact with Graeme, I have worked the local hills this year and apart from Robin, GM7/P I have never heard any station from out westwards or further north on air.  I then occasionally scoured the band looking for other SOTA activators, I had heard Caroline, a M3 (or MM3 this activation), she and her hubby are regular activators in Scotland, talking to Graeme on her ascent of Corserine. I had heard a G8 station calling CQ from a G/LD (Lake District) summit but the frequency was in use in Ayrshire so I didn’t try a call back.


Looking N towards the Gareloch and the Arrochar Alps

The weather was excellent except when the breeze would drop, the ‘flying’ ants would appear. I then took a sandwich break,next I spoke to a station who was ‘mobile’ passing along the A9 at Braco in Perthshire.

I then looked for and worked Neil, a 2M0/P station who was activating Beinn Narnain in the Arrochar Alps, it was line of sight as I could see Narnain to the N of me. More chaser points !!! I next spoke again with Graeme who was getting ready to pack up and head back down, I left Graeme and next heard Caroline, a M(M)3 station mentioned previously,  she was on the summit of Corserine in the Galloway hills. Reports were exchanged and I then broke down the station, packed up and headed off the hill.


Further photos are HERE

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