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Why have I participated ? If you have read earlier postings in this blog, I did portable hilltop work in the ’80 on 11 metres and the CB 27/81 band, I, although now  much older, less fit still enjoy my jaunts into the hills, SOTA activators are given points as relevant to the height of the summits, I started with a 2pt hill, Hill of Stake, the trip in to this hill (app. 6km)  took slightly under 2 hours,the walk in was a steady rising track ( just under 4km )then a slog through heather and bog….. next was Duncolm, this also took just under 2 hours although there was a track from start to finish ( app.6.5 km), easy walk but steepish in places.

A trip to Blaeloch Hill was done on the second day of International SOTA weekend ’09, this wet, wet slog (app.2.5km )took roughly an hour, Conic Hill was the next summit activated, this was a steep walk (app. 2.2 km) which took an hour but as quoted elsewhere this was the most picturesque. The first 4 point activation was Beinn Chaorach, this was the longest haul timewise so far (app. 5km ), nearly 3 hours to reach the summit via two other hills.

Almost 9 hours walking in time plus app. 22.2 kms walking to 5 hills to collect 9 activation points but I must say in my defence, I’m totally unfit, overweight and last did any serious hillwalking over 20 years, ces’t la vie but I have some summits planned to do before the end of this summer. I will, of course, be active from my local hilltops whenever possible at weekends.


I did another activation today (25/7/09), I operated from the summit of Beinn A’Mhanaich, a 4 point summit (see report above)


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