Corlic Visit, Portable 7/6/09

No SOTA activation this weekend, decided to visit Corlic(k) Hill. I arrived at the summit roughly just after noon, set up the 2m beam, checked the SOTA Spots page on the mobile internet, nothing was posted for Scotland, called first on 2m SSB and then called out on S20 and made contact with Dennis, a MM0 station in the east end of Glasgow, we moved to 70cm FM, 433.550 and chatted, Steve, GM7 from Greenock popped in. I left 70cm as Dennis had noticed reports that sporadic E was being picked up in GM (Scotland), I monitored 144.300 ssb, occasionally an odd station would break through but nothing was holding long enough to identify or even allow an attempt to work the station.
I later spoke to Roddy and Patsy both local 2M0 stations, Will, a GM0 station from Newarthill called in, I then monitored 144 some more but nothing definite appeared, I broke down the station and headed back to my pick up point.
2m and 70cm was very quiet again this week.
Corlic, however was busy with walkers, local walking season must have started.


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