Dunrod Visit, Portable 31/05/09

After a tiring trip the previous day, I made tracks to Dunrod Hill, an old favourite haunt of mine radio wise. I left home and headed to the car park at the Cornalees Visitor Centre and headed towards Dunrod, I made good time and arrived at the trig point in about 20mins, Dunrod is 298m (977ft ASL) and has spectacular views on almost all points.
I started to set up station and Roddy, a 2M0 station that is mentioned many times in this blog arrived, we set up our equipment, Roddy had brought along his Tape Measure Yagi, it is built as the name suggests, we put out CQs but the 2m frequencies were quiet, we later scanned 144/145 MHZ looking for any SOTA activations, first station we made contact with was Robert, a GM4 station on Tinto Hill, one of two stations we worked on that summit, the other was Douglas, a GM0 station. Robert is a regular on Tinto but not on SOTA activation this time.
We next made contact with Robin, GM7/P, another regular on this blog, Robin had activated a 10pt summit , he was on the summit of Aonach Beag, it was his fourth summit of the weekend, this weekend had been the hottest all year and made activation a warm business.
Still scanning the frequencies, we next hooked up Alan, a 2M0/P on White Coomb, I had spoken to Alan the previous day from Beinn Chaorach.
The bands then went quiet and it was time to break everything down and head back to our respective home QTHs, Roddy dropped me off (Thanks!!!).
The day had been an excellent one.
I then spent the evening updating my logs and SOTA activation and chaser information.

Photo :

Antenna farm


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