Corlic Hill, Portable 26/04/09

Sunday 26th April ’09….

No SOTA activation this weekend due to varying circumstances. The SOTA Alert page had a few GM alerts so instead of hopefully working them from the comfort of my home, I grabbed the usual equipment and headed up the ‘old favourite’ Corlic. Corlic Hill rises 303m ASL ( or 994ft) to the south east of Greenock and with the mast fully extended , the beam itself would be over 1000ft ASL.
As you can see from the picture, it was a dreich day with wind and rain at times, I arrived at the grassy summit after 40 mins slog, no path at the east approach of this hill.
I first checked the SOTA Spot page before hearing Brian, a MM1 station I’d worked the previous weekends so I ‘popped’ in to say ‘Hi!’ then said my goodbyes and called out on S20 (145.500FM) and Jim, a MM0 station from Helensburgh came back to my call, we chatted for a while then a break for lunch was had. I heard Graham, a 2M0 station from Helensburgh whom I regularly QSO with, so had a short talk with him before heading to find the SOTA activators. I first heard Iain, a MM3/P who was atop Ben Chonzie, NW of Crieff, chatted to Iain and then left him to work the stations who were calling him. I then spoke John, a MM1 station from Glasgow, John is another station I’d worked last weekend whilst on Duncolm Hill
I had gone down the frequencies looking for Robin, GM7/P when I heard him on145.525, the weather atop Beinn Teallach, NE of Fort William sounded horrendous but I left him after a short QSO to let him find more contacts. I then spoke to Steve, a local GM7 station with whom I speak most weekends before going in search of a 2Mo/p station who was to activate another summit but never found him. The weather then set in and rather than get drenched, I broke down the station and headed towards my pickup point. Another day, another good walk.

Photo :

Looking East, Beam on Corlic Hill


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