A Windy, Windy Place

Today’s forecast looked pretty poor unfortunate after the previous few days spring-like weather, I headed up to the ‘old faithful’ Corlic. The wind was coming into my face on the ascent, the ground had dried out slightly making it easier, no path to this hilltop from the East.
I made the top and the rain although light was horizontal, I moved to the usual nook on the east side of the hill and got out the Puxing and searched the FM portions of the 2m and 70cm bands. I heard a station calling on 145.500, this station was also portable, a 2M0 station situated on Tinto Hill Lanarkshire, Graeme was activating the hill for SOTA, I moved to 145.425 and passed a few minutes talking to him. He had had some technical difficulties but overcame them, the strength of the wind at over 2000ft must have been horrendous. I left him calling for more contacts, it was quiet so I just left the hill and headed back down to my xyl waiting at the drop off point for me. A good walk but it would have been good to have made more contacts.

Photo :

Looking south towards High and Lower Gryfe Reservoirs


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