Dunrod Visit, Portable 1/3/09

Weather forecast looked pretty poor but it cleared up around mid morning, listened to the RSGB news on 2M FM , got the equipment together and headed out. Arrived at Cornalees Visitor Centre, nr Loch Thom about 12ish and headed towards the summit and arrived 20 mins late. Dunrod Hill is approx 977ft asl and is to the south between Greenock and Inverkip
The rain had started to fall quite heavy but cleared by the time I reached the trig point. 2M FM was pretty dead , I gave a call on 145.500 but no takers, I had a listen and heard a special event station GB250RB which was based at Barnweil Tower, Tarbolton, gave a call and made the contact with Arthur, who was operating the station at that time, signal reports were exchanged, GB250RB was approx 5×5 and was given 5×1-3. &3s were said and I then looked about and called again but nothing, the weather then set in and a shower of sleet made my mind to vacate the hilltop.
I called on the way down and made contact with a 2M0 station, Eddie who was in the Glasgow Airport area, Eddie was approx 5×7 , he gave me 5×5 in return, after this contact, I headed northwards over the hills towards Greenock. No more contacts were made.

Photos :

Top – Looking SW towards Bute
Bottom – Kilcreggan peninsula with Greenock


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